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Samoyeds Are Serious Contenders For “The Cutest Dog Breed” Contest (33 pics + 9 gifs)

Posted in Animals   3 May 2018   / 2246 views

At The Time Of Washing He Looks Like A Polar Bear

Partners In Crime

Zelda Got Scared On The Drive Home

Our Samoyed Post Colour Run

One Is Not Like The Others

I Couldn't Believe What I Was Seeing When I Pulled Up Next To These Three Amidst A Snowstorm

"Gather Around Kids, I Have A Story"

My Samoyed In Her Natural Habitat

Yoli Had An Unfortunate Meeting With A Porcupine. The Porcupine Won. He Doesn't Care How He Looks (He's Very Happy To Have The Quills Out) So There's No Issues With His Dignity But We've Gotten Tired Of Answering Questions

Twilight Twinkle

How We Lay

How To Get Your Dog To Eat Veggies

I'm A Tax-Paying Citizen Taking Public Transport Now

My Samoyed Looks More Like Polar Bear Than Yours

Bambi The Samoyed Waves Hi, Hello

When You Realize Your Dog Is Just As Much Of A Goof As You

When Snoots Collide

Majestic Cloud

Dog Wriggled In Chalk And Became The Art

Dog Heaven. Samoyed Overload

The Quickest Way To Get Your Hoomans Attention

My Dog Ran Away And Wandered Into The Local Home Depot. This Is What I Arrived To When I Picked Her Up

Gazing Out The Window Together. Kobe Has His Arm Around His Little Sister

When You Try To Copy A Makeup Tutorial On Youtube

Baby Samoyeds Look Like Little Polar Bears

I Dare You To Try Sleep Drinking. They're Thinking Of Making It An Extreme Sport

The Aftermath Of Wet Weather Meeting A Samoyed Puppy Digging A Hole

Selfie Goals

Little Kitten Playing With His Samoyed

Papa Dog Meets His Puppies For The First Time

Today We Brought Our Second Samoyed Home. So Far, So Good

Get In, Girl

A Picture My Mom Took Of Our Samoyed. His Name Is Bear And He's Just A Gentle Giant

Dun Toucha The Paw

Have Some Decency

Samoyed Puppy With His New Socks

Fluffy White Diva

The Most Beautiful Bride

Our Pup Is Obsessed With The Bowl. He Stands In It, Pulls The Water Out, Yanks The Towel From Underneath It Out, Sleeps With A Limb In It, Head On It. I'm So Glad I Was Able To Capture The Moment

I’ll Be Here All Day, Ladies

Cherries On Top Of The Pie

Not Sure Why You've Locked The Door

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