Woman Describes All The Hardships Of Being A Really Tired Mom In A Funny Way (20 pics)

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Cinderella Had Her Mice And Snow White Had An Entire Forest. What Am I Missing Here?!

So So Selfish. I Think Meals Were Even Eaten When They Were Hot

Coffee Please!!! Hmmm, I'm Starting To See A Common Theme In These Posts

I Don't Understand Where All This Laundry Keeps Coming From... Especially Since My Toddler Refuses To Wear Clothes Half The Time

Oh Beautiful Bed, How This Mama Misses You So

Yes, Let's Pretend It's Still Warm

Don't Even Joke About A Mama's Coffee

Always Figurative... Because No One Likes An Arrest Warrant!

Crazy Weekend? Yup Same Here...

Anyone Else Go To Mommy And Me Classes Looking For Someone, Anyone Over The Age Of 3 To Talk To?

I Have A Theory That Every Time You Have A Child The Hospital Should Send You Home With One Of Those Minions From Despicable Me

I Would Say This Is The Perfect Drinking Partner

Gourmet Now Means Anything Other Than Goldfish Crackers And Crayon Bits

Some Mornings You Just Gotta Shake That Bootay!

A Tiny Human Who Created Absolute Destruction On Your Living Room This Morning, Already Looks Up At You Thinking Your Perfectly Awesome Just The Way You Are

I Once Read Marta Stewart Only Sleeps 5 Hours A Night. I Gotta Say I'm Pretty Jeleous Because She Probably Gets Five Glouriously Uninterrupted Hours In A Row

Yesterday Was Blanket Forts And Coloring Books. Today Is A Big Old Scramble Of Lego, Dinosaurs, And Maybe A Bit Of Paw Patrol

I've Heard Rumours That This Is The Weekend. It's Still Diapers, Feed Me, Paw Patrol, Repeat Over Here

Anyone Else Still Rocking A Santa Or Two In Their House?

Morning, Mamas!

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