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They Need To Get A Reward For These Pranks! (50 pics)

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Have you noticed that Kraft cheese mix is identical in color to orange juice?

“I hope you enjoyed your deodorant refilled with butter, bro.”

“A coworker spider-webbed our office as a going away prank when she left.”

“My brother hates Nicolas Cage so I thought I’d give his pictures a revamp.”

“Tried to prank my mom. She just took a photo and went inside.”

“When libraries read their visitors’ minds.”

“There’s an escaped murderer near where I live, so I texted my parents to see if they are ok, they sent me this...”

“My grandpa took this bottle out and said, ’I take these for my gambling addiction.’ ”

“So many people are falling for this.”

When your owner loves jokes.

Google is good at trolling, too.

Thank you for the warning.

Obviously, a diet is necessary.

“I’m on vacation this week so I snuck in late Sunday night and set this up.”

Never tell your colleagues who your least favorite actor is.
We turned the floor into a golf course.
“My uncle is out of town for a month and just got a new TV. Perfect opportunity for a little Photoshop prank.”
“A prank for our employees. These doors are 426 ft (130 m) away from each other.”
A playful war between 2 construction offices
“This shower curtain scares all our guests.”
“I couldn’t find my mug after vacation. Now I’ve finally found it.”
“At least I know the reason for such generosity.”
"I told my boyfriend, who likes Coca-Cola, that I preferred Pepsi. When I came home, I saw this."
"I called my wife a sandwich maker."
"I congratulated my husband on April Fools’ Day."
Protection from my wife:
“A gag my father pulled at a basketball game in college.”
“My little brother did this while nobody else was home.”
No one likes to share ice cream...
“Today was extremely hot and my brother offered me this. I don’t know if I should be angry or impressed.”
“What my brother does with my phone...”
“So, my sister just put this up on her bedroom door.”
“My brother mailed me a potato again.”
“The first year my little brother gets me anything for Christmas and he gets me this.”
“Got revenge on my sister by hiding her science presentation in a maze of folders.”
“Girls, where’s your sister?”

Credits: brightside.me

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