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Good Designers Are Paid Well So They Don’t Do This… (45 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   15 May 2018   / 3322 views

I Present To You The "Graeme Clark Oration Award For Science Innovation". It's Supposed To Be Two Hands Peeling Away Layers Of The Earth

My Friend’s Graphic Design Class Has Had This On The Whiteboard As An Example Of “Good Work” For Weeks.

Who's Bright Idea Was It To Undercoat The Wood Chipper Red?

This Is Why You Can't Put Spelling Questions On A Laptop Test

When Channel 5 Doesnt Have A Picture For A Show On Its Demand Service It Uses Bob The Builder Pictures For Hilarious Results

Nice Place To Cut Off The Sign Disney

The Design Of These Curtains At A Hotel That My Parents Stayed At

I Followed This Bus For 4 Blocks To Wait For It To Pull Over To Share This Beautiful Work Of Art

These Aren’t Stairs. They Are Decorative Waterfalls. My Friend Walked Into Them And Slipped, I Laughed My A** Off

This 'Email Confirm' Field For A Hand Written Form

This Ad For Dental Care That Fails To Show The Teeth In The Before Picture

High School Gym In Pontiac, Mi. There Are No Words...

This Chandelier Looks Like A Bunch Of Used Jimmies

The Quotation Marks On This Sign Gives It A Malevolent Undertone...

$490 Swimsuit That Suggests That You Don't Use It To Swim

You Can Just Take Off The Wrapper

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