Let’s Hope You’ve Never Been One Of These Most Hated Passengers On An Airplane

30 May 2018


Personally, I’m not even sure what this means, so I might fall into this category. If you wanted the window seat, however, you should have made sure you got one. Sounds a little whiney.



I’ve run across the assholes. Anything and everyone is inconvenient to them. These people just shouldn’t be allowed on mass transportation.



What the fuck? People do this?



Dear lady on the train scream talking into her phone directly behind me, you count too! You suck!



On the one hand, there is really nothing most of these people can do. However, if you know you fall into this category, you probably shouldn’t also fall into #10, because then you make the rest of us look like #9.



I don’t know how they do it. If my wallet is too thick (this never happens, but humor me) they ask me to check it. This lady has three purses and a duffel bag though and wants to put her diaper bag under my seat. NO!



Here is the breakdown: Window seat gets window and window armrest (if there is one). Middle seat gets both arm rests. Aisle seat gets aisle armrest. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Or get served like a United passenger.



One the one hand, this does kill leg room, but on the other hand, your seat has the exact same feature. Also, airline seats are seriously uncomfortable so I am all about people making the best of it. Yeah, I recline the fuck out of mine.



#2? How the hell is this #2? This has to be number one. Almost as bad as out of control plane, out of control kids ANYWHERE are #1. Anyway, this sucks. It usually sucks for both parties too. It’s embarrassing for the parents and gut wrenching for passengers.



I’ve never run into the smelly passenger myself. Maybe I am the smelly passenger? Oh well, it gets me plenty of elbow room. Life hack!


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