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Some Family Albums Have Very Awkward Contents, To Say The Least (22 pics)

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Big hairstyles from the 80s are nothing like big hairstyles from the 70s!
“My pops getting dragged back into his wedding.”
“Was looking through old albums when I found this gem.”
“My sister and I in the 70s. I was a clumsy kid and got a black eye right before Halloween, so Mom came up with a costume to go with it. The only makeup I’m wearing is the mustache”
“My little sister covered herself in my mom’s lipstick and gave us a little scare!”
“This is my cousin’s wedding. She met him at a cheerleading camp where he was a camp counselor.”
“When I was in first grade, I went to school on Halloween as the wrestler Demolition Ax.”
“There are a few more with bizarre outfits, but I think this is probably the worst of all.”

“This photo was taken around 1999. I was studying at the School of Art and the teacher wanted us to create a story based on photos. Some students went to the countryside, others to the sea... I was too busy paying attention to my teenage hormones and I ran out of time to do my homework, so I decided it’d be a good idea to just take some pictures of myself in my bathtub dressed as... God knows!”


“This is a photo of my sister (the murderer), my brother (the reporter), and my Dad (the victim).”
If you don’t have a Christmas Tree... improvise.
“This is me and my siblings with our home-done haircuts. Mom was cheap and apparently blind.”
“Me and my sisters on the beach”
“I was viciously attacked by a wolf this weekend while my family just watched!”
He looks ashamed.
It’s easy to guess who the black sheep is in this family.
“Apparently my husband dressed up as fireworks in 1994.”
“Playing prince and horse is serious business.”
This family loves communication.
“In high school my buddies and I would go to Goodwill and buy the weirdest outfits we could find and then pay Wal-Mart $6.97 for a family photo shoot package. We always got laughs from the workers. Wal-Mart has since shut down all of its in-store photo studios. Wonder why?”
“We had to bring our favorite things to the photo shoot. I brought my phone, my father brought his electric guitar, and my brother — a Darth Vader mask that he refused to take off.”
“My family invented (I think... I’ve definitely never heard of this before) an Easter tradition that I maintain to this day.”
“I asked my dad why he grew his mustache like that he just said that he saw a Led Zeppelin album with old soldiers on it and one of the soldiers had a mustache like that so he just copied it. Needless to say, my mom hated the mustache.”

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