Easy Tricks To Make Your Diet Healthier Without Starving Yourself To Death (35 pics)

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Here Are Some More Healthy Substitutes To Add To Your Routine

Here are some more healthy substitutes to add to your routine. Breakdown below: The milk chocolate bar has a whooping 44g carbs, 41g sugar only 2g fiber and 370 calories! The dark chocolate bar shown on the other hand had 13g carbs, 6g sugar, 5g fiber & 250 calories. With dark chocolate, you’ll feel fuller faster with the add fiber & won’t go through such a big insulin spike & crash. Vegetable oil and canola oils are highly processed, heated, bleached, refined and deodorized. The hight heat these oils go through have negative impact on the healthy compounds in the oils & are stripped of much of their omega-3 fatty acids in the processing. Extra Virgin Olive oil is produced by cold pressing and doesn’t use chemicals for refinement & also avoids high heat treatment, leaving it full of heart healthy fats. Sour cream adds about 40 calories & 6g of fat per quarter cup but doesn’t add much nutritionally. Guacamole on the other hand adds antioxidants, about 4g of fiber, potassium + more per quarter cup. Plus, you get all the heart healthy fats from the avocado.


590 Cals Vs 590 Cals

Which would you rather have? While it’s totally great to treat yourself, being aware of your choices and what that means for the rest of your day is important! Below is a breakdown of each: 590 calories of: A medium strawberry shake from a fast food chain 590 calories of: A giant salad that includes: 4 cups spinach 2 cups cauliflower 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes 1/2 orange bell pepper 2 eggs 3oz kimchi 2 Beets 1/2 avocado + 2 tbsp balsamic + 1 cup whole strawberries


Love To Make Smart Food Choices

I may be silly but I love to make smart food choices. While sometimes candy is fun, 9 times out of 10 nature’s candy (fruits) is my favorite way to satisfy my sweet tooth


Starting A New Diet Like

Starting a new diet like: breakfast is air, lunch is a carrot and dinner I get to lick an apple and dessert is yelling at a picture of myself naked. In all seriousness, choosing a clean and healthy lifestyle is about loving yourself! That doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes overnight. Small, lasting tweaks will really add up. The right was my lunch other day - no it’s not chocolate syrup, it’s balsamic glaze combo below: 2 cups mixed greens 1 cup cherry tomatoes 1/4 an orange bell pepper 1/2 cup cucumbers 6 oz salmon with garlic seasoning, pepper & sea salt Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze


"I’ll Take Any Excuse To Eat More Chocolate"

"What are you hungry for?” is an important question! Choosing the “less healthy” option a) can be more satisfying and b) can save you a lot of calories! I know which one I’d choose ALSO many times, we try to satisfy our cravings with “healthy” food - only to end up eating the chocolate in the end anyway! Of course calories are not important for everyone to keep track of, but if it’s important to you, this may be good to keep in mind!


Because Feeling Good Also Means Treating Yourself To The Food That You Want

Because feeling good also means treating yourself to the food that you want. I know I’ve been sharing a lot of calorie comparison posts lately so I wanted to remind you you don’t have to always beat yourself over caloric goals & amounts. While the left side is fueling your body, the right side might be fueling your soul. That doesn’t mean you should have a clean eating lifestyle where you feel the need to binge on foods often. Rather, you should have a healthy lifestyle you enjoy where you can have treats in spots you want them (NOT when someone is forcing you or on some random occasion you don’t really care about). I often get asked “What happens when I do binge eat? How do I fix?”. Quite simply forgive yourself & get back to your healthy eating routine not need for some crazy “cleanse”. Left side is 6oz seared ahi tuna, steamed cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers & mixed greens with balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing (not shown). Right side is 2 chocolate chip cookies with 8oz milk.


These Swaps Will Not Only Save Your Waistline But Also Your Health

These swaps will not only save your waistline but also your health. The top side is full of processed foods, bad oils & sugar bombs while the bottom side is less processed & lower-calorie to boot. More info below: Chips Popcorn - Popcorn is an easy grab-n-go food and much less processed than chips! That sad handful of 9 chips has 150 cals, 9g fat, 16g carbs & contains sunflower/vegetable oil & fillers, yikes! 3 cups air popped popcorn is only 93 calories & only contains 1 ingredient: popcorn. You can also cook it in a pan with olive oil if you prefer it that way! Frappuccino Iced Coffee w/ Coconut Milk - Frappuccinos are sugar bombs! A grande mocha with 2% milk has 61g sugar & 400 calories while an unsweetened iced coffee with coconut milk containers 25 calories & 2g sugar. Now, that’s an easy swap that will save you a ton of calories & sugar! Burger with bun burger lettuce wrap - Save yourself the extra processed carbs when you swap a bun for a lettuce warp. While it’s perfectly ok to treat yourself to a full bun, swapping it out for a lettuce wrap on a regular basis with save you 18g+ carbs!


Some Healthy Swaps To Add To Your Nutrition Routine

Here are some healthy swaps to add to your nutrition routine (P.S. that paleo ranch is bomb): Regular Ranch Paleo Ranch: The regular ranch dressing is full of inflammatory and artificial ingredients including canola oil, added sugar, MSG, & artificial flavors, ranch is full of real, organic food ingredients & cage-free eggs. Orange Juice Oranges: Orange juice is a sugar bomb without the fiber. Save yourself sugar and calories when you switch over to whole oranges. A large orange has 87 calories & 4.4g fiber VS. this 12oz juice has 170 calories & 0g fiber. Iceberg lettuce Spinach: While iceberg lettuce still might be better for you than eating a snickers bar, it fails in comparison nutritionally to other leafy greens. Spinach has 223% (DV) Vitamin K, 28% Vitamin A. 14% Vitamin C, 18% Folate + more minerals compared to a measly 7% vitamin A & 3% vitamin C in iceberg lettuce.


Which One Would You Choose? The Calories And Macros Only Paint A Part Of The Picture. Really The Hidden Ingredients And Chemicals Are The True Bad Guys In This Situation

Which one would you choose? The calories and macros only paint a part of the picture. Really the hidden ingredients and chemicals are the true bad guys in this situation. Think about how you FEEL after eating fast-food compared to a home cooked meal. Below is a breakdown of some of the bad guys: High Fructose Corn Syrup: The chemical process used to make high fructose corn syrup, the glucose and fructose become separated. This allows fructose to mainline directly into your liver leading to fatty liver which can eventually lead to diabetes. — Vegetable Oil: The creation of vegetable oil involves pressing, heating, various industrial chemicals and highly toxic solvents. This unnatural form of oil has been shown to increase inflammation, your risk of cardiovascular disease and the Omega-6 compound in it has been linked to cancer.


White Rice Vs. Brown Rice

White Rice vs. Brown Rice. Did you know white rice is actually brown rice with the germ and bran removed? Both have their pros & cons. I know I love my brown rice cakes. White rice is brown rice with the germ and bran removed. Despite a common misconception, the macronutrient & calorie contents of the two are relatively the same (calculations in photo are based off 45g measurements). Brown rice is a great source of manganese, selenium, and magnesium. Unfortunately for white rice lovers, some fiber and most nutrients are stripped away during the refining process, which leaves it with very few essential nutrients. Brown rice does, however, contain phytic acid, which offers some health benefits, but it reduces your body’s ability to absorb iron and zinc from the diet. *Keep in mind to avoid deficiencies of these crucial nutrients. White rice also has a much higher glycemic index (GI), which measures how quickly a particular food increases blood sugar. White rice has a GI of 89 while brown rice has a GI of 50. This can be significant to diabetics and those with insulin resistance. Brown Rice has other health benefits you may not know about. It contains lignans - plant compounds that have been shown to reduce the amount of fat in the blood and lower blood pressure, and studies suggest it can help reduce several risk factors for heart disease. Brown rice also contains many powerful antioxidants that are not present in white rice. Don’t be so quick to discard the white rice, because it has it’s benefits too. It is easier to digest and is great for refueling muscles with glycogen post-workout, which is one of the reasons why a lot of athletes choose it over brown rice.


While Bullet Proof Coffee Is A Fine Choice To Have In Your Nutrition Routine, You Definitely Can’t Count That Concoction As Calorie Free

Which side would you pick? While bullet proof coffee is a fine choice to have in your nutrition routine, you definitely can’t count that concoction as calorie free. Many of the recipes online & in coffee shops call for 2 tbsp grass-fed butter & 1 tbsp coconut oil. Now, that’s a lot of extra calories! Many bullet proof fans use this combo as a way to skip breakfast & you can see why that works out since it’s the same amount of calories. In fact if you were switching from a highly-processed, high-calorie breakfast to bulletproof coffee you would lose weight since you end up eating less calories. However if you prefer eating real food for breakfast instead of a drink that right side would be a much better option for you! You could also scale back on the avocado & add 1/2 tbsp MCT oil to your coffee to get some of the added benefits of this healthy fat without too many added calories! . Left side: Coffee blended with 1 tbsp MCT Oil 2 tbsp grass-fed butter . Right side: 1 piece Ezekiel toast 2 medium boiled eggs 1/2 yellow pepper 1/2 red pepper 1/4 avocado 2 1/2 cups spinach Black coffee with stevia


If You’re Trying To Improve Your Health, Small Changes Definitely Make A Difference Over Time

Healthy swaps add up! If you’re trying to improve your health, small changes definitely make a difference over time. Here a few ideas to add to your nutrition routine: Agave. Maple Syrup (or honey) - Agave syrup is highly refined & the end product leaves you with a sweetener with the highest amount of fructose (damaging sugar) of any commercial sweetener on the market. It has about a 2:1 fructose to glucose ratio which is higher than high fructose corn syrup’s 1:1 ratio - yikes! Organic, pure maple syrup is much less processed, better choice & contains up to 24 antioxidants. Flavored yogurt. Greek Yogurt + Fruit - While the flavored yogurt has 28g sugar & 6g protein, the greek yogurt + 1/2 cup raspberries has 9g sugar & 21g protein. The worst part about this flavored yogurt is the use of food dyes and added fillers/preservatives. You can definitely find a cleaner flavored yogurt but make sure to read the label! Store-bought jam. Mashed berries - Store-bought jam not only contains a lot of sugar but it also contains ingredients like high fructose corn syrup & other preservatives. Mashed up raspberries or strawberries are a great alternative & only contains one ingredient.


A Healthy Lifestyle

Here’s a perfect illustration of why I often steer clear of fast food. While it’s great to treat yourself every now & then, processed food calories add up quick without filling you up. Not to mention the added preservatives and chemicals. The right side is everything I eat in a day. Kind of crazy that it adds up to what could be one meal at a fast food restaurant. Tips for making a day of filling meals: Load up on veggies Don’t forget healthy fats Pick filling proteins Choose the right amount of carbs for you If you’re going to drink your calories, make sure it’s low cal quality drinks or a solid protein shake.


“I Regret Eating Clean.” - Said No One Ever

“I regret eating clean.” - Said no one ever. Unless, it’s a bar soap haha Ok just kidding about the soap swap because sometimes you just need a damn cookie. I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. More info on the other swaps below: . Flavored oatmeal. Oatmeal with fruit - Skip the hidden sugars & preservatives when you get plain oatmeal and add your own fruit (Plus, stevia if desired). Not all flavored oatmeals are created equal so if you do want a flavored one try to find one that has less sugar & added preservatives. . Ketchup hot sauce or mustard - Not only does ketchup have a lot of sugar per tbsp but many brands have High Fructose Corn Syrup added. Made mostly from genetically modified corn, high fructose corn syrup is not natural and definitely not healthy. Hot sauces and mustards are a much safer bet and will save you the added sugar! (Or find a clean ketchup if it’s a must-have for you) . Sugar cookie. soap - Ok don’t do this swap. Shower with the soap and enjoy a cookie in moderation when you want it!


This Easy Snack Hack

I’m not a fan granola bars or breakfast bars. If you’re gonna go for a bar, make sure it’s a high quality, clean protein bar. Otherwise, something like nuts & dark chocolate would be more nutritious with less ingredients & fillers than a granola bar!


The Real Question Is How Do You Want To Feel?

The real question is how do you want to FEEL? All the choices you make either work for you or work against you. Make sure the food you're picking is making a positive impact on your body! Missing snacks but here is a good idea how your day of food could look like -- The high sodium content in the fast food meals is alarming because it comes from table salt which is heavily processed and bleached. Table salt has been linked to osteoporosis and stomach cancer. Vs using Himalayan pink sea salt at home which is naturally rich in iron and over 80+ minerals and elements which can regular water content, balance PH and create electrolyte balance. -- The sugar content of the fast food breakfast is alarming and not the way you want to start your day with a huge insulin spike.


Want To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories? Here Are Some Easy Swaps To Help You Head In That Direction..

Want to lose weight without counting calories? Here are some easy swaps to help you head in that direction. Take those rice cakes, add some almond butter on top, sliced banana & have the kombucha on the side & you have yourself a meowmeix approved snack More info below: Banana chips. Banana - While banana chips are yummy, it’s much easier to overeat than a banana. A medium banana is about 105 calories while 8.5 banana chips are 105 calories. You could easily eat a couple handfuls of banana chips in one sitting but it’s a lot harder to eat 3 bananas. . Bagel. Rice cake - Rice cakes are light, easy & go with almost any topping. Plus, they only contain 2 ingredients: rice & salt. Some bagels contain 14+ ingredients and often have added sugar. If you’re trying to lose weight, a rice cake is a much better, low calorie option. . Naked juice kombucha - Naked juices are often sugar bombs in disguise. I don’t love the green machine because it acts like it’s mostly greens when really there’s a ton of fruit juice packed in. 16 oz bottle of kombucha is only 50 cals & 12g sugar while naked juice is 270 cals & 53g sugar.


Did You Know Sugar Has Been Shown To Be More Addictive Than Cocaine? And When You Try To Kick Your Processed Sugar Habit, You’ll Actually Experience Dopamine Depletion And Sugar Withdrawals

Fact: did you know sugar has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine? And when you try to kick your processed sugar habit, you’ll actually experience dopamine depletion and sugar withdrawals. It’s all fun and games until you get a sugar headache. More not-so sweet info below: People getting 17 to 21 percent of calories from added sugar face a 38 percent higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to those who got just 8 percent of their calories from sugar. —— A recent study found that when rats were hooked on a cocaine IV and sugar was introduced, almost of all them switched to sugar. — 1 sugar-sweetened drink a day = higher risk for fatty liver disease — Dietary sugar also shows a correlation to an increase risk of breast cancer tumors and metastasis to the lungs.


Starbucks Swap

The food and drink choices you make (or don’t make) will have quite an impact on your fitness progress - like changes in bodyweight, how your clothes fit (or don’t fit) and how you FEEL! And while it may seem like an obvious swap, saving 265 calories from a beverage at Starbucks can REALLY add up! Think about it… if you make this swap once a mont for a year… 12 times… you’d save 3,180 calories and that would be almost equal to losing an extra POUND of fat! That is insane!


Here Are Some More Tweaks You Can Make To Your Nutrition Routine

Here are some more tweaks you can make to your nutrition routine. Because like I say, small changes add up to big, lasting results. More info below: Fiber one bar 1 cup blackberries - blackberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals + water. 1 cup blackberries = 62 calories & 7.6g fiber VS the sad fiber bar = 90 calories & 5g fiber. Not to mention the fiber one bar has a never ending list of ingredients. Candy bar dark chocolate - a 1.56 oz snickers bar has 20g sugar & less than 1g fiber while a Theo 85% dark chocolate bar has 7g sugar and 5g fiber, now that’s a win! Plus, there are 20 ingredients in a snickers bar vs. a mere 3 in the Theo bar so you won’t have to question what you’re eating. Processed PB. Real Peanut Butter - conventional PB ingredient list includes: peanuts, cane sugar, cornstarch, palm oil & salt. Some have even worse ingredients like soybean oil. Real peanut butter has “peanuts” or “peanuts & salt”. Make sure to double your ingredients!


Sugar Vs. Sugar

Sugar vs. sugar. I know I’m team right side most of the time but left is fine if you want to TREAT yourself. This is just a friendly reminder why going for the right side (strawberries) on a daily basis will do your body some good! Because nobody is eating 12 cups of strawberries in one sitting but it’s very easy to drink a whole strawberry milkshake . The left side has literally 0g of fiber. While the right side has a whooping 34.8g fiber. That part of the reason it’s so hard to eat that many! . Displayed: 1 medium strawberry shake vs. 12 cups whole strawberries


Reasons Cut The Crackers

3 REASONS CUT THE CRACKERS (and choose veg instead!) 1. You can eat more for less (calories). This is especially important for people like me - I have a BIG appetite and find I have to eat quite a lot to get full. 2. Crackers are nutritionally poor. They don’t give you much except for salt and carbs. Veggies on the other hand... nutrition bombs! 3. Fibre. Good for satiety, gut health and comfort, energy levels and mood amongst other things.


If You Want To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories, These Hacks Come In Handy

If you want to lose weight without counting calories, these hacks come in handy! Plus by swapping out some of these processed foods you not only save your waistline, but also your health. . And remember while it’s perfectly ok to treat yourself, picking healthy choices regularly really add up. More info below: Fruit smoothie/ homemade protein shake - Fruit smoothies are often sugar bombs in disguise. This Jamba juice mango fruit smoothie has 340 calories, 85g carbs, 78g sugar & 4g protein while my homemade protein shake has 199 calories, 17g carbs, 8g sugar, 31g protein (made w/ @vega_team performance protein, 1 cup strawberries & water & ice). Burrito. burrito bowl - While you might not want to give up the beloved chipotle, a burrito bowl instead of a burrito is an easy swap. The tortilla alone saves you 320 calories & 50g processed carbs! . Candy bar. dark chocolate - 1 small snickers bar has 220 calories and 24g sugar while 2 squares of 85% @theochocolate bar is 140 calories & 4g sugar. I don’t know about you but I find dark chocolate to be super satisfying & guilt-free.


Eat More, Weigh Less

Now the right side of this post is a great representation of how filling your plate with mostly veggies & some high quality protein can really pay off! I’m not sure what omnivore eats like the left side but you can see that the calories add up quick for smaller portions. More info below: . Omnivore Carb Bomb Meal: 2 eggs 2 tbsp butter 1 bread roll 4 pieces bacon Half a snickers bar . Omnivore Salad: 4 cups spinach 1 cup cherry tomatoes 2 beets 1/2 yellow bell pepper 1/2 orange bell pepper 2 free-range eggs 3oz kimchi 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (not shown)


An Illustration Of How You Could Go Right With Your Taco

Let's taco'bout it. Here's an illustration of how you could go right with your taco Tuesday night vs. how you could go wrong. The macros only paint a small picture as all the added ingredients, preservatives etc is what really effects this meal choice. Some things to think about: Pick the right veggies - iceberg lettuce adds virtually no nutrition, vitamins or minerals whereas; a leafy green like spinach is packed with fiber and added nutrients . Canned tomatoes have added preservatives unlike chopping up your own fresh cherry tomatoes. Adding items like bell peppers gives you an extra crunch and added vitamins & minerals. Pick the right tortillas - the flour tortillas have such a long list of ingredients I couldn't fit in the picture whereas the corn tortillas I found at Trader Joe's are literally just: ground corn, water + traces of lime. 3️⃣ Skip the added dairy and/or keep it minimal - sour cream & cheese can be inflammatory and add on calories. If you're going to add cheese, keep it to small amounts like 2 tbsp (1/8 cup).


Calorie Dense Vs. Nutrient Dense

Calorie dense vs. nutrient dense. Which one would you pick? While it’s great to treat yourself, being aware of how quickly calories can add up can help make sure you’re not hindering your goals. More info below: . Coffee shop run: Venti mocha frap Iced lemon cake loaf Monterey jack & egg sandwich . My day of eating (I’ll probably eat a little more): Breakfast - Paleo protein pancake + 1/2 cup blueberries Snack - half a grapefruit + handful of almonds + @foursigmatic lion’s mane Lunch - Egg salad jar Supper - Lamb, tomatoes, + purple cauliflower Dinner - Chicken soup Night snack - dark chocolate + four stigmatic cocoa


Healthy Swaps

Sometimes we can make really simple dietary substitutions that have big impacts on our health. For example: We can substitute egg whites which are basically just protein for whole eggs which help us attain our daily value for choline, vitamin B12, selenium, and contain lutein and zeaxanthin (particularly in pastured eggs, two carotenoids found to help boost brain processing speed by up to 20%. Or swapping out roasted nuts, which usually are roasted in unhealthy oils made doubly unhealthy by the roasting process (unless they are specifically labeled 'dry roasted'). Or ditching canola oil, which is borderline toxic (and specifically shown recently to impair cognitive function in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease) in favor of extra-virgin olive oil, which is full of powerful phytochemicals like oleocanthal which has strong anti-inflammatory potential—good for every organ in your body! And finally, white onions for red onions. White onions are GREAT, but red onions are better, shown to possess significantly stronger anti-proliferative and anti-migratory behavior due to the anthocyanins they contain. I'm all about more nutritional bang for the buck!


Which One Would You Pick?

Which one would you pick? I’m team lettuce warp sushi for my goals. “Another good trick is to eat 1/2 of the lettuce wrapped roll and 1/2 of the rice roll - or if you need more food, choose BOTH of these "


Because Small Tweaks Can Really Add Up

Some of my fav healthy swaps! Because small tweaks can really add up I promise you and you don’t need to wait till a Monday or a new year, you can start now. Candy Fruit - People always ask me what’s a great option if you have a sweet tooth! Fruit of course. While candy has a crap ton of ingredients, processed sugar, food dyes & all the unhealthy junk you don’t want in your body, fruit has vitamins, minerals, fiber and is often loaded with water. Regular crackers. Flax crackers - While most crackers are nutrient deficient & include irritants like gluten or flour, flax crackers are packed with fiber, healthy fats & protein. That’s why they’ll leave you feeling more full than their flimsy counterparts. Coffee creamers coconut oil - Love your coffee creamy? Coconut oil is a great option over processed creamers with added sugars & ingredients. Simply just add your coffee with 1/2 to 1 tbsp coconut oil to a blender, blend it and it comes out super creamy! Add a packet of stevia for sweetness if you like


Healthy Swaps Really Add Up

ecause healthy swaps really add up! Here are some more ideas to add to your nutrition routine. Nourishing your body doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many ways to get creative with your food! Miracle Whip / Mayo Paleo Mayo: @primalkitchenfoods are my new go-to! I love their combination of organic ingredients & cage-free eggs to create unique paleo dressings and mayo. Miracle whip however has inflammatory soybean oil and added sugar as their main ingredients. Sad candy bar strawberries, 85% dark chocolate & 1 tbsp pb: Get creative with your sweets! Look at how much volume you can get over 1 candy bar. And let’s be real, if you buy share the share pack, you’re probably eating both candy bars. Corn syrup is the first ingredient in the candy bar - yikes! Go with wholesome fruit, nut butter & dark chocolate any day. Table salt. Himalayan sea salt: Table salt is stripped of all minerals except sodium chloride & is chemically processed & bleached. Himilayan sea salt contains over 84 minerals & trace elements, balances body’s PH, is a natural digestive aid, promotes cellular energy and improves absorption of nutrients!


Because Small Choices Add Up

Looong parties & events can be stressful when trying to stick to your health goals - but making this simple swap can help keep you on point. Also, this swap will reduce refined carbs (hiding in the breading of the wings!) One of my other go-to tricks is to BRING a tray of veggies with me. Everyone appreciates it & there’s always something to munch on!


Small Changes Add Up To Big Results

Small changes add up to big results! Since you keep asking, here are some more healthy swaps: Croutons. Dry Toasted Nuts: Croutons are made from white bread, contain less fiber & protein and are often cooked in highly processed oils. Dry toasted nuts like almonds are an easy swap in salads and still give you that delicious crunch! Dried Fruit. Whole Fruit: about 1/4 cup raisins equal 2 cups grapes calorie wise. Whole fruit contains much more water and vitamins than its dried fruit counterpart. That’s why it’s much harder to overeat on fruit and a better choice for weight loss! Save dried fruit for special occasions like when you’re super active or hiking. White Flour. Coconut Flour: White flour is highly processed, refined and bleached by applying chlorine dioxide. Coconut flour is a much less process processed option, higher in fiber, protein and healthy fats and great for anyone following looking for a more digestible carb. Make sure to look up coconut flour specific recipes to get the right amounts!


Flour Tacos Vs Lettuce Wraps

You can save a lot of cals by switching to lettuce wraps (even, often, if you bulk up on the insides & toppings!) . Now, of course, calories aren’t the only important piece of nutrition information- watching calories depends on your personal needs & goals! However, by making this switch you can ALSO cut back on refined starches from the white flour, which I do recommend! Vary your choices through the week to get a range of health benefits


Not All Sugary Foods Are Created Equal

Not all sugary foods are created equal. While you should be mindful of sugar consumption as a whole, when you do need that fix go for the volume food. This is an good illustration of watermelon vs. jeally beans but picture a similar scenario with other candy like starbursts or Swedish fish. Some sweeter facts below: Watermelon is 92% water hello hydration. In addition to being high in Vitamin C & A, watermelon also contains potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B1, B5 and B6. Citrulline, an amino acid found in watermelon has be shown to reduce muscle soreness (had after exercise)


Which Would You Pick?

Personally, I prefer the chickpea pasta but you could even mix the two together. Add some organic marinara sauce and you’re good to go


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