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Such Mobile Homes Can Easily Compete With Our Usual Ones (23 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars   20 Jun 2018   / 3179 views

Jessie Lipskin fell in love with this 1966 GMC bus and decided she would turn it into a cute mobile home

This is how the bus looked like when she bought it

The hardest part was finding the right people to help her complete the conversion

“I love DIY, however, I don’t have experience with plumbing, electrical, carpentry needed for this project,” she told Bored Panda

“The big challenge was that it was very different from working on a home that’s fixed in one location”

“I constantly had to account for movement, on top of that the angles of the bus and slanted style windows made it challenging to design the best possible layout and curved woodworking”

“Levels were useless as the bus incline changes depending on location, it was all about calculating angles. This added a lot of time onto the project”

Overall, the bus took 3 years to redo

The result is so much worth it, though:

“An oil painting found at Goodwill adorns the hallway. I think these finishing touches really help it feel more like a home than a bus,” a helpful friend wrote

“View from the kitchen area towards the main bedroom”

“Took a good amount of searching to find the right curtains. Went with velvet curtains in the bedroom”

“A custom-made bench cushion from Final Cut in New Jersey”

“A little “library” along the back of the bedroom”

“This is just one portion of the closet, it extends to the left and right a decent amount”

“Went with the IGLOO (33 in. W 5.5 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator in Silver, Counter Depth from Home Depot. It’s a fridge/freezer”

“The bathroom has mahogany wood slotted flooring that drains for drying off post shower. The shower drain connects to the floor drain and they both lead to the gray water tank which is mounted under the bus”

“A kitchen with a view”

Watch the video to catch even more details:


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