Many Famous Actors Are Actually British

25 Jun 2018


Daniel Kaluuya

He graced our screens in Get Out, Black Mirror & Black Panther, and you wouldn’t guess that he was born and raised in London, England.



Charlie Hunnam

Unlike Jax Teller on SOA, Hunnam is actually English, and had several roles over there, before crossing the pond and seducing our women.



Naomi Watts

This gorgeous beauty might come across as Australian, but she was actually born in Kent, England and spent her childhood there.

Her family moved down under when she was 14, and she started her career there.



Hugh Laurie

This should come as no surprise, but after 8 years of playing the acerbic Dr. Gregory House, as well as Stuart Little’s awesome dad, he wasn’t as American as we thought.



Andrew Garfield

While he might come across as American as apple pie, and played a decent Spiderman, once upon a time, Garfield lived in Surrey, England.

Speaking of British Spidermen…



Tom Holland

Arguably one of the best Spiderman actors is actually a Londoner, despite playing a pitch-perfect nerdy teen.



Naomie Harris

Harris got her first Oscar nomination playing a drugged out mom in Moonlight, and I’ll always remember her as Tia Dalma in the Pirates movies, but she actually got to finally talk with her real London accent as Moneypenny in Skyfall & Spectre.



Lionsgate Aaron Taylor-Johnson

After quintessentially American roles in Kick-Ass, Godzilla & Savages, we last really saw Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with a European accent.

Except, his real accent is English.



Andrew Lincoln

While his drawl on The Waking Dead is bang on Georgia, he’s actually from London.



Chiwetel Ejiofor

One of my favourite actors currently, he’s played a lot of non-British characters for a guy from London.



Rebecca Hall

She’s played a lot of roles along the way, with a nice, flat midwestern accent. Well. It’s fake.

She’s from London, England.



Henry Cavill

The badass that is Superman, Napoleon Solo in The Man from U.N.C.L.E and the brutally moustached CIA agent in the next Mission Impossible film, is as British as tea.



Damien Lewis

He might be able to pull off a flawless American accent, but his Homeland is in England.

Like what I did there?



Gillian Anderson

Despite being a kickass FBI Agent in The X-Files for over a decade, Gillian Anderson is actually half-British. She was born in Chicago, but spent most of her childhood in England.



Will Poulter

You can play all the American teens you want, but deep down, we know you’re British, mate.



Dominic Cooper

He’s definitely perfected his 1940’s NY accent as Howard Stark and his Texas drawl as Jessie Custer in Preacher, but Cooper’s also a born and bred Londoner.



Rosamund Pike

She’s shown up in a lot of films with accents of all kinds, but her native tongue is from London, England.



Hugh Dancy

Unlike the Louisiana accent of Will Graham in Hannibal or Carl Roberts in The Path, he’s actually got a nice British accent when he wants one.



Stephen Moyer

His best known roles State-side are as Bill in True Blood and currently on The Gifted, but he’s actually pretty British.



Christian Bale

Despite having a gruff, American accent most of the time, Bale is actually Welsh.

Wonder why all of the best superheroes are played by British people?



Kiefer Sutherland

Most will think that Sutherland is Canadian, but he was actually born in London when his parents were on location. So he’s got a dual citizenship now.


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