"Friends" Were Great Because Of The One And Only Jennifer Aniston (13 pics + 1 gif)

27 Jun 2018


THAT TIME SHE DIDNT WEAR UNDERWEAR | In this episode Joey reveals to Chandler that he’s going commando to an important dinner. As Chandler tries to wrangle everyone together, Rachel comes out in this mint green dress and admits that’s Joey’s not the only one going commando.



WHEN SHE ONLY WORE UNDERWEAR | Trying to seduce Joshua, Rachel lounges on his couch in her little teddy. To her horror, Joshua’s parents walk into the room for an impromptu meeting and the episode takes a dramatic turn. Thankfully we get to see Rachel in lacy underwear.



MOVE OVER PRINCESS LEIA | Ross is embarrassed to find out that Rachel told Phoebe about his Princess Leia fantasy and at the end of the episode, Rachel appears and she totally rocks the Princess Leia costume.



THE RUNAWAY BRIDE | In this hilarious episode Rachel runs into Central Perk wearing a wedding dress while dripping wet. This particular runaway bride scene happens in the pilot episode and it’s how the audience meets Rachel Green, getting the series off on the right foot.



THERE WAS CLEARLY NO DRESS CODE FOR CENTRAL PERK EMPLOYEES | Her typical uniform included a tee shirt, a short skirt, a festive apron and heeled booties.



RACHEL GREEN WAS ALL ABOUT THE LOUNGE WEAR | She loved sweatshirts, raggedy tee shirts, and plaid pajama pants. The thing about her pajama style is that Jennifer Aniston looked better in pajamas than we all look in our regular clothes.



AS A CHEERLEADER | I don’t think there was ever anything better than Rachel in a cheerleading outfit. She used this outfit to woo a potential date, but it backfired when she tried a cartwheel and gave herself a fat lip instead.



ALL THE TIMES SHE FORGOT TO WEAR A BRA | Apparently, none of the women on Friends wore bras. Ever. No complaints from us, it’s one of the things that makes the series so memorable.



PLAYING FOOTBALL NEVER LOOKED MORE ADORABLE | There were no such thing as yoga pants in the 90’s but the sweatpants and pigtails look did the job quite well.



HER ’90S STYLE | We’ll admit it, the 90’s wasn’t the best decade for fashion. However, Jennifer Aniston somehow managed to look hot while rocking everything from denim vests, denim overalls to plaid everything. Definitely cementing herself as a fashion icon of the 90’s.



THIS SCHOOLGIRL OUTFIT | Jennifer Aniston is rocking a turtleneck crop top, plaid miniskirt and knee socks. I feel like this is what inspired Britney Spears first ever music video “Baby One More Time” and most likely what got Ross to have such a big crush on Rachel.



STRANGE BUT PLEASANT | In this episode Rachel finds herself eating cheesecake off the floor of her apartment building. An odd moment indeed but she sure knows how to arch that back. No complaints here.



WHEN RACHEL CRUSHED THE POKER GAME | Who doesn’t love a girl who can play poker with the boys? Rocking a large button-down shirt, she’s doing the whole menswear thing. We have to say when an attractive girl wears men’s clothing, it’s oddly sexy.



WHEN THE GEEK GETS THE GIRL | The fact that someone who looks like Jennifer Aniston ends up with someone who doesn’t look like George Clooney makes us all feel like maybe, just maybe, we could get a girl like Jennifer Aniston. It’s a long shot but if Ross can do it, maybe we can too, right?


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