Thanks To People Who Try To Make Our World A Better Place (42 pics)

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My pizza came with a hot water pack underneath to keep it warm

This avocado stand sorts the avocados by when they are ready to eat

This TV mount has a spirit level in the centre.

This gum comes with paper to spit your gum into

This brolly bagger before entering the hospital

This hotel iron has a light on it to see the creases when yoy iron

This toilet seat has another smaller seat inside it for kids

Fly swatter has a brush at the end to brush off dead corpse left on wall.

Book store in Chattanooga puts a post-it underneath the price stickers so they come off easily

This trunk has an egg carton holder

Turkey has a beach for everyone.

This OJ carton has a viewing window to help judge quanitity.

This restaurant has self-serve cool water, cold water and soda water.

The light switch in my hotel room has a glow in the dark bar next to it so you can find the light switch in the dark.

Japan Has Bottled Colorless Coffee Without Caffeine That Tastes Exactly Like The Usual One

Modern Icelandic houses are built with geothermally heated water pipes under their sidewalks so Icelanders never have to shovel in winter.

These train-shaped benches outside a train station

This solar powered wireless charging bench

My city has lines that you can follow that direct you to certain places for tourists

Atlanta airport bathroom has lights to tell you which stalls are occupied

Urinals that protect your shoes from splashback

This restaurant has metal straws to stay green

At my library you can pick up bags of books in a certain genre without knowing what those books are

My hotel in Bangkok gives you a phone for your stay equipped with free world wide calls, data for maps and it filled with info

Visited my first cat cafe in Kyoto. Did not disappoint. His name is Bob.

Germany has meat vending machines

My work place has a white board showing yesterday’s food waste right above where employees keep used dishes.

DNA test for sale in the U.S. to help you choose another country to root for in the World Cup.

My flight on Norwegian Air had a window in the lavatory

I won a KFC faraday cage

Disloyalty card from a group of small cafés in Edinburgh

The hotel I’m staying at gives you a free drink at the hotel bar of you forego a room cleaning

This playground has a sign so hearing and deaf kids can play together.

This baseball stadium has a sunscreen dispenser in the bathroom

My hotel came with a rubber ducky

This Coke machine dispenses a free can of Coke when you hug it.

Library has "Recently Returned" section so you can see what other people have been reading

A local restaurant named Holy Taco gave me a band-aid for my hand, and it was in the shape of a taco.

At a bar where each drink comes with a toy.

These chairs at my hotel in Munich spell out “hello.”

The message on the back of toilet doors at my gym




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