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This Is How 3 Years Of Working Out And -48 Kilos Look Like (22 pics)

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“I grew up heavy. I also grew up a ball buster. So there was no chance I was going to admit I was insecure about my appearance”

“I played it cool and a lot of people bought it. After finally having time to think about who I wanted to be, I decided to make a change”

In 2014 Laura weighed over 300 pounds and that’s when she decided she wanted to change

It all started with the barbell. “I fell in love with weightlifting and that changed the game for me”

“It only took a few weeks for me to realize that I didn’t need to go under the knife. I needed to get under the bar”

“I started weight training almost daily, spending hours in the gym and studying research and scientific findings relating to health, fitness, and nutrition”

“In the first year, I shed more than 100 pounds without surgery and significantly changed my unhealthy habits”

“I just adjusted my diet. I ate lots of clean foods and removed all starches and processed sugars”

“I stopped eating out. I stopped getting takeout. I stopped buying junk at the grocery store”

“I stopped having alcoholic drinks with friends. I stopped binging on crap. That was it”

“This is my heaviest – over 300lbs in 2014. My thinnest – at 180 in May 2017. My current  at about 195”

“Every single day”

“There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now”

“I am now health issue free and my life has changed for the better with the simple realization that what we want and what we do are completely in our own control”

More than 330k people follow Laura on Instagram looking for inspiration and advice

She also likes to motivate her followers with beautiful inspirational messages:

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit”

“With patience, age, and a little self-love, your smile won’t quite catch on your insecurities the same way it once did. Give it time..”

 “You’re not too old. It’s not too late”

 “It’s hard. It’s worth it”

“You are who you choose to be”


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but...where did the skin go? I call bullshit on no surgeries.