Japan Has So Much Cool Stuff That We Don’t Have! (23 pics)

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Braille on the top of drink cans

In Japan, there is braille on the top of drink cans. It’s another thing that proves Japanese people care about each other like no one else in the world.


Knitted socks for chair legs

They protect floors from scratches and prevent unpleasant squeaky sounds. In many homes, the floors are wooden and it’s really important to keep them in good condition.


Real milk can be easily found with the help of a small notch on a packaging.

This packaging was designed especially for children, people with visual impairments, and illiterate people. The notch helps them distinguish real milk from milk products. 3.5 oz of real milk contains 3.5 gr of fat, and in Japan low-fat milk is considered to be a milk product.


The back doors of taxis open automatically.

This technology was implemented in 1964 right before the summer Olympic games in Japan. The government wanted to show their hospitality. By the way, it’s really convenient if you’re carrying heavy bags — neither you nor the driver has to open the door.


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Cooling band-aids for fevers or the summer heat and warmers for cold winters

Instead of using medicine to treat a fever, Japanese people use cooling band-aids that are harmless, even for babies. As soon as the band touches the skin, certain reactions occur and you feel cold. The effect usually lasts for 8 hours.

In summer, people use cooling pads that, in other cases, are applied to bruises and injuries. You just have to shake the pad and it gets cold within a few seconds. The effect lasts from 15 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the size of the pad.

In winter, warming band-aids are also used. You have to open the packaging, stick a pad to your clothing (as a rule, people put them in pockets, in shoes, or under jeans), and enjoy its heat of 85-105° F.


Single-use underwear and deodorizing wipes for when you need to spend the night at your office

These items are just what you need if you work a lot: you can spend a convenient night in the office. They are also great for travelers and for those who want to stay at their friend’s house on a whim.

Wipes are usually used when you want to freshen up quickly, but don’t want to spend too much time or take a shower. In Japan, people really care about water resources.


Giant cups of noodles

2,000 kcal are almost a day’s worth of calories. This product is also for those who work a lot. Japanese people don’t eat this type of food every day. What’s more, it’s usually served with vegetables, fish, meat, or seafood.


You have to prove to the police that you have a free parking spot in order to buy a car.

This rule reduces the amount of cars that are on the roads. In Japan, the public transport system is well-developed, so a personal car isn’t a necessity.


Gummies with an anti-aging effect

The manufacturer of this product claims that it contains a large amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid and has a considerable impact on the skin. Suntan gummies are also really popular: if you consume them on a daily basis, they protect your skin from UV radiation and make your skin look young and healthy.


When the weather is good, people air out their futons to prevent mold.

If you want to be healthy, it’s recommended for you to air out your futon from time to time. Warm fresh air makes mattresses and futons smell nice again and kills harmful bacteria.


Felt balls instead of air fresheners

These balls are pierced with a stick soaked in natural essential oils. The more you pull it out of a tube, the stronger the odor is. You can also carry it with you. Each ball is handmade and made from wool. These aromatizers have gradually replaced ordinary air fresheners.


Public transport stops are shielded from the road.

These glass screens protect people from dirt and reduce car noises. Additionally, the screen allows you to see both the road and the bus schedule.


In autumn, people eat fried maple leaves, in spring, they eat sugared cherry blossoms, and they eat lotus all year round.

In Japan, the seasons are constantly changing and each of them is connected with a belief or a tradition that is connected with a plant or a tree. During certain time periods, people give each other sunflowers or persimmons. And these and many other unusual products can actually be eaten.


There are several ways to eat sakura. Its leaves are used as wrappings for brownies, petals are used to make tea, and sugared sakura flowers turn into awesome treats. In autumn, people “harvest” maple leaves, fry them in crispy breadcrumbs, and sell them right in the streets. But we think the most surprising dish is lotus roots that are considered to be vegetables. They can be boiled, fried, stewed, and even stuffed with miso paste, mustard, and honey.


Hotel room vending machines

Customers have the opportunity to access their rooms any time they need them and the receptionist doesn’t deal with payments. Initially, these machines were installed in dating hotels, but today, they’re used in many hostels, capsule hotels, and inexpensive hotels.


A giant toothbrush for house cleaning

Have you ever heard about a melamine sponge that removes all stains without any detergents? Now imagine that it’s just one of the nozzles attached to a device that works like an electric toothbrush, spinning at around 8,000 revolutions per minute. You don’t have to put forth any effort, you just gently rub the stain until it vanishes. By the way, you’ll only need a bar of soap and that’s it.


There may be more than 24 hours.

The schedule shows this place’s working hours.


Parents buy safe and ecologically clean toys instead of plastic and potentially toxic ones.

Drawing crayons are the first tools babies draw with. They are made of soy wax, colored with natural pigments, and safe for children 2 and up. These crayons don’t crumble, don’t leave stains on clothing, and don’t crack if you drop them. What’s more, they help children develop their fine motor skills and teach them to hold writing implements.

Construction sets are also made from wood, not plastic. Mokulock, Japanese blocks, are made from wood and contain no glue or paint. They’re ecologically clean and harmless.


Wet umbrellas are put in special cases that absorb moisture.

In the past, Japanese people used plastic cases but today, they prefer reusable ones that dry their umbrellas in a few minutes.


Free toilet paper and printed information for those who like to spend some time in the toilet.

If you participate in a waste paper delivery program, you receive free toilet paper each month.

Some companies that are interested in recycling and print English learning life hacks right on the toilet paper. They also print recommendations for those who want to climb Mount Fuji, so that you have something to read while spending time in the bathroom.


Jackets with shoulder straps

If you want to take your jacket off while shopping in the winter, you only have to get your hands out of the sleeves: your jacket will turn into an unusual backpack and there will be no need for you to carry it in your hands.


Shower nozzles with tablets that remove chlorine from water and turn your home into a spa

These tablets are made from baking soda and citric acid and they’re used to remove the chlorine that’s contained in water: you just have to put some tablets into your bathtub. After this addition, your hair and skin will become healthier.

There’s also a special shower nozzle that turns into a filter: while filtering through the nozzle with a tablet the water gets clean and thus, you have a skin and hair spa at home.


Inflatable bathtubs and pillows for kids

You can get an inflatable bathtub instead of a plastic one and they’re pretty cheap, easy to store, and babies feel comfy in them. Here’s another option: an inflatable pillow for the neck that allows you to bathe your baby in an ordinary bathtub.


Credits:  brightside.me

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