Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is usually divided into three levels - satisfaction with making a purchase, brand loyalty, and partnership.

At the stage of satisfaction (the first level), the client experiences a pleasant feeling after purchasing a product or service. However, they continue to compare them and may at any time chose to switch to similar competing products. This level of client loyalty is very fragile and depends on different conditions, such as the client’s age and social status, psychological type, market fluctuations, and many other important factors.

Brand loyalty — at this stage customers do not intend to switch to competing products. Achieving this level of loyalty requires you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your clients’ needs and wishes.

Partnership — the most active stage of the relationship at which the client begins to advise the company on a direction it should proceed in, as well as ways of improving its services. This results in them becoming kind of 'co-owners' of the business.

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Ways of Winning Customer Loyalty

1. Care about service. The essence of high-quality customer service is the formation of relationships with customers - the relationships they’ll want to maintain for many years to come. A good seller can easily get customers to buy something. So, their job is to make sure that the customer comes back to purchase their product again and again. You should, therefore, be honest and reliable with your clients. Also, it is very important that you show them your appreciation whenever you can.

2. Send personalized emails. Any extra attention to your customer will bring you one step closer to achieving your goal, i.e. winning their loyalty. Start with personal emails — congratulate them on their birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. Include a discount offer for a specific occasion in each email. Remember - everyone likes freebies! You might be thinking you’re buying their loyalty this way, right? On the contrary! By doing that, you show them that you care and remember about them. By the way, you can use some specialized software for sending mass emails to make your job a lot easier.

3. Ask for feedback. Business is all about earning money and you can't build a company without making substantial investments. However, relying on financial resources only is no guarantee of success. You need to listen to your clients, ask them for their feedback and draw the right conclusions. Customer feedback will help you identify problems and work out solutions to them.

4. Show your loyalty. Don't wait for your clients to take the first step - express your loyalty by offering them a discount program. Every company should provide its regular customers with some kind of encouragement. You can show your creativity here and go beyond card-based loyalty programs by developing something unique.

5. Promote your company on social media. Create your company’s account on Facebook or Instagram. It will allow you to monitor emerging market trends, learn what your audience likes/dislikes and improve your communication with clients. Also, you can raise awareness of your company by publishing posts dedicated to your brand and sharing your values.

6. Provide timely response. Phone calls, messages, and emails should always be answered in a timely fashion. Be sure to give a comprehensive and effective response. This way you will show your customers that you’re no tonly interested in their money.

7. Exceed expectations. Your service is excellent and all your customers are happy. But you can do more to earn their loyalty! Become a Santa Claus and surprise your clients by giving them small presents, gift cards or justd iscounts for no reason at all.

8. Speak frankly about your mistakes. We all have our ups and downs. Even a successful entrepreneur can make a mistake, so you shouldn’t avoid responsibility. Show your competence in solving problems and do your best to retain your customers.

9. Invest in regular customers. Of course, all clients deserve proper attention but regular customers should be rewarded for their loyalty.

10. Keep your promises. That is one more effective way of earning your customers’ loyalty. By being true to your word, you will be able to boost the level of trust and convince your customers that you are a real professional. Take shipping time, for example — if you promised to deliver your product within 48 hours, you should do it no matter what. Of course, being one hour late would not be a catastrophe but a very frustrating situation may come about.

The bottom line is — the shortest way to the customer's heart is through high-quality service and individual attention. We do hope our tips have helped you understand that!

10 Effective Ways to Earn Customer Loyalty