Teacher Comes Up With A Lesson Not Only For A Misbehaving Child, But For Her Mother As Well (11 gifs)

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So, flashback to my first year of teaching. I was a 21 year old middle school teacher, fresh out of college and extremely green. I was admittedly shaky when it came to parent communication. It is quite intimidating to speak to a parent as an equal when you are less than 10 years older than their children! Many of them were old enough to be my parent, which made things awkward for me.


Enter Mom. Her daughter, Diva, did absolutely NOTHING in my class except stir up drama, be extremely rude and obnoxious, and generally anything but do her work.

Now, student grades are easily accessible at all times through an online parent portal, so I have always been of the opinion that parents should never be surprised by grades at the end of the quarter.


So the end of the 2nd quarter is drawing to an end, and I get an abrasive email from Mom demanding a parent/teacher conference with an administrator present. Of course, teachers are instructed to meet with a parent any time they want a conference. One of my assistant principals sat in on the meeting.


From the moment Mom sat across from me, I knew where Diva got her attitude. Mom was belligerent, accusing, and rude. She began to angrily accuse me of causing her daughter to fail (somehow my fault?). Basically, I should have done everything under the sun to make sure she didn’t fail: I should have contacted her early, I should have sent home extra copies, I should have been checking Diva’s agenda, etc.

While I admittedly should have called her early, her chewing me out in front of my boss was the most embarrassing moment of my career.


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My assistant principal worked out a compromise that went like this:

Since Mom didn’t want a lot of phone calls (apparently a busy person), it was agreed that I would write a note to Mom in Diva’s agenda every Friday about her grade and her missing work. Embarrassed and chastised, I could barely look my boss in the eye.

I resolved that I would comply to the fullest, so much so that it would be annoying. I would be above reproach, so that she could never berate me like that again. However, I never could have imagined the incredible events that followed.


In the weeks that followed, I not only wrote in Diva’s agenda, but I printed off lists of her missing assignments, progress reports, and letters home, and stapled them to her agenda. I did this every week, without fail, and Diva’s behavior did not change. By the end of the 3rd Quarter, she was missing 8 assignments and was failing my class yet again.


Lo! And Behold! I get an email from Mom demanding a parent/teacher conference with a principal present. She arrives and starts in on me again about how I’m unprofessional and how I’m not supporting her daughter, and how I had yet again failed to notify her that her daughter was failing.


Then, the realization struck me: she had never looked at the agenda. I painstakingly stapled progress reports, letters, and missing work into her agenda for nearly 3 months, and she never once checked. A grin broke across my face.

Me: “Can we look at Diva’s agenda, there’s something I think you should see.”


Mom: *leaves the room and comes back with Diva’s agenda*

Me: *begins flipping through the agenda, showing her every single page that I wrote on or stapled*

Me: “Now, if you’ll notice, I have written in Diva’s agenda and stapled progress reports, letters to you, and lists of missing work into her agenda every single week since we last spoke, as per our agreement. Are you telling me that you didn’t check her agenda once?”



Mom: *Blood drains from her face as she realizes her credibility with my principal is now gone.*

Me: “At this point in the quarter, it is too late for your child to turn in make-up work. Please be sure to be checking your child’s agenda every Friday for an update concerning her progress. In order for your child to be successful, you need to be involved. Do you have any questions?”

Mom: *stammering with excuses and apologies for not checking*

By this point I could tell that my principal was stifling laughter, so I knew that I had won. Mom left very quickly, and I never received one of those harsh emails again.

Diva’s behavior didn’t improve at all, but I rode the satisfaction of that W all the way through to summer.




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Amazing 11 month s ago
clapping clapping clapping
Jelyyfish 11 month s ago
This was painful to read. Why were you, "Embarrassed and chastised, I could barely look my boss in the eye."? The assistant principal simply worked out a compromise for you to do your job.
Everyday 11 month s ago
As a teacher, I can confirm that this kind of thing happens, whether or not this story is true. I've had parents complain about not knowing anything even though agendas had been marked for months. They've never checked online grades but then react with surprise, if they care at all, that little Jose is failing. Our online system even lists the grade for each assignment the instant I input it.
However, any principal I've worked with also knows this about the parents, so they put on a show to calm the animals down but trust you to do something to try shutting them up next time.
Treasure 11 month s ago
Basically, parenting and educashun(!) system are going hand in hand, down the drain, leaving behind a generation devoid of any real life skills
Female 11 month s ago
Graduate high school at 18. Graduate BS at 22. Graduate MS at 24. This happened to a 21 year old middle school teacher. I call Shenanigans



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