8 Aug 2019


The money on the table in a casino is always adrenaline rising whether you are playing or watching it. These days, people are tending towards the online casino site to gamble and play casino games. Even you lose a few dollars on a betting site it will remain on your mind for weeks. Here, the list of gamblers who have lost fortunesin casinos.

Terry Watanabe ($204 Million)
The American-born businessman, whose father founded the plastic trinket business “Oriental Trading Company”, reportedly gambled and wasted away $205 million in just one year. His gambling spree took place at two Harrah's casinos on the Las Vegas Strip; the Caesar’s Palace and the Rio. He often played multiple high-priced hands of blackjack at $50,000 per hand. But he would lose regularly, even losing 5 million in just one day 50 million in six months and $100million a month later. Harrah's Entertainment Inc reported the 6% of its gambling revenue that year, came solely from Watanabe.

Zhenli Ye Gon ($125 Million)
During 2004 and 2007 this Chinese-Mexican businessman had reportedly blown away $85million at the Venetian in Las Vegas and 40 million at several other major casinos. Even went onto waste several other millions at the casino in Atlanta. His losses were so large that even affected the bonuses of Las Vegas Sands and Venetian executives. He was drug lord and was also channeling huge amounts of his methamphetamine imports to the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico. Mexican drug agents and the American DEA officials raided his mansion in Mexico City in 2007 and seized $210 million cash hidden in floors.

Omar Siddiqui ($65 Million)
This highly successful vice president of a popular electronics company had a little far less success at gambling and actually winning. He reportedly blew away $65 million betting recklessly. Just like a headless chicken betting as much as $200,000 per hand at blackjack, wasting approximately 160 million over three years at the MGM Grand Casino and Sands Casino in Las Vegas. His gambling addiction produced great losses in the millions with amounts of 8 million lost in a single day. For casinos, Siddiqui was the jackpot for profits.

Kerry Packer ($42.6 Million)
While most famous gamblers accumulate the wealth on the tables and through roulette wheels, Kerry Packer was an exception to the norm. Packer built a media empire during his lifetime and became known as Australia's richest man and wildest gambler. Due to his high-stakes gambling ventures in blackjack poker and baccarat, he managed to lose 42 million in less than a year (Between September 1999 to August 2000). He also reportedly lost more than 20million during a three-day baccarat tournament during the weekend in Las Vegas.

Archie Karas ($40 Million)
Archie will go down in history as one of the most famous gamblers and poker players ever because this gambling guru has the longest documented winning streak in gambling history from 1992 to 1995 using literally only $50 and turning it into a fortune of 40 million. But this wasn't enough and rather to quit while he was ahead, he wanted more. He kept gambling and went on to lose all of the money playing craps from baccarat. But this story gets even more interesting, in September 2013, he was arrested in Las Vegas after being accused of marking cards and using hollowed-out chips to mark J, Q, K, and A at a blackjack table at a San Diego casino and he faced three years in prison for it.


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