Some Hotel And Airbnb Guests Are Just The Worst (33 pics)

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I'm Sure We've All Been There Dylan

This "Great Tip" That This Woman On Her Period Shared

Found a great tip. Staying in a hotel, that time of the month comes out of the blue. Forgot to pack knickers so came up with a good way to quickly wash them. The hotel kettle! Quick, fast and hygienic. Just call me Mcgyver.

They Literally Left A Hotel Room Like That

I Work 3rd Shift At A Hotel. For Ten Minutes, The Guy Argued He Was Staying In 227. We Don't Have A 227. He Was At The Wrong Hotel. Happy New Year

I Work At A Hotel. I Was Inspecting Rooms Today And Found This

Izismile Video Collection

Annoying Kids Pulled The Bolts Out. This Is In A Hotel Owned By My Family And I

So This Is How My Friend Left The Bed In Our Hotel Room

These Fine People Were Loading The Mini Fridge From A Hotel Room I Watched From The Balcony

David Lee Roth's Hotel Room During The 1982 Van Halen Tour

I'm Staying At A Nice Hotel And Go To Get Ice. I Immediately Smell Poop And Then Discover This. A Nice Ripe Diaper Crammed Between The Ice Machine And Wall


Um... I'm Guessing There'll Be A Surcharge For That

What? Oh, Nothing. Just Filling A Hotel Ice Bucket With Pepsi

I Work At A Hotel. This Was Found Under One Of The Beds

I Went With A Church Group To Pennsylvania, And This Was My Roommates Side Of The Hotel Room

Only In Vegas

I Gagged A Little. Discarded Press-Ons At My Hotel Pool

I Work At A Hotel And A Guest Left This Note For Housekeeping

I Work At A Hotel, A Guest Left This When They Checked Out

Dude At My Hotel Parked In Three Spots Including A Handycapped

This Is The Room Of A Hotel Guest That Stayed For 3 Days. No Pets, No Kids. Just One Dude With A Mission To Be Disgusting

Lovely Painting In My Hotel Room

No Smoking In The Hotel Room, So Let’s Just Smoke In The Hallway. Right Outside My Room

Because It's Definitely The Housekeeper's Fault You Chose A Non-Smoking Hotel

I Work The Front Desk Of A Hotel. A Guest Told Me He Had Created A Piece Of Art That He Wanted To Sell To Paris Hilton. We Went To His Room And Found This

A Guest Left 5 Bags Of Trash Scattered Around Room For A 5 Day Stay. Filthy

I Know Someone That Likes To Take Stuff From Airbnb’s, As If It’s Not Somebody’s Home

Popeyes Chicken By The Hot Tub In The Hotel I Stayed At

A Previous Hotel Guest Did This In A Miami Beach Hotel

Someone Tossing Pizzas At Our Hotel

In A Hotel Elevator After A Rave

I Work As A Housekeeper At A Hotel. Had To Clean This Fridge Yesterday

This Hotel Guest Left No Mystery About Their New Year's Plans

Leaving Your Cigarette Butts In Hotel Glassware


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Bastards !!!
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