These TV Characters Have Only Made The Shows Worse (17 pics + 6 gifs)

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After the whole “I’m in love with my brother thing” in season six, I couldn’t stand Debra from Dexter. Annoying a$$ b"№ch.


Euron Greyjoy.


It’s a shame too. In the books he’s actually a somewhat interesting character. In the show it’s all just “Ima [email protected]#k da queen!”

Charles Boyle gets so annoying after a few seasons of Brooklyn 99


Piper in Orange is the New Black. I tried to like the show, I really did. But she is so unlikable.


In such a female-positive show, I’m stunned that the writers have religiously stuck with keeping her as an absolute a$$hole. She’s unbearable as a character and extremely difficult to like.


Ross Gellar and Rachel Green were both [email protected]#king annoying and together they were straight up horrendous. I would have been much more pleased with Friends if they didn’t try to force Ross and Rachel together for the entire show.


Izismile Video Collection

Debbie. [email protected]#king. Gallagher. (Shameless)


Danny Rand in Iron Fist! The whole show was pretty meh, but his character development was just awful.


Skyler’s sister (Marie Schrader) from Breaking Bad.


Her klepto shit was so irritating. Her scenes were also known as the “bathroom break” for me, because it never lead to anywhere.


Lily Aldrin from HIMYM, not in first seasons but later on. Pure hatred.


She put them in serious debt and lied about it for years then pushed her husband into a career he didn’t like to pay off her spending addiction.


The guy who replaced Eric Forman. (Randy Pearson)



Scrappy [email protected]#king Doo.


Every day I hoped they did a mystery where Scrappy Doo drank antifreeze.


Manny from Modern Family. I just can’t stand his bad acting and his overly annoying and sensitive character.


Mary from Downton Abbey.

She deserved every single bad thing that happened to her and should have had many, many more bad things happen to her. I kept hoping she’d die literally in any fashion (“Lord Grantham, aliens have abducted Mary and split her in half. She dead.”) It didn’t even have to be authentic to the time period, I just wanted to watch the show but, I couldn’t keep watching. [email protected]#k you, Mary.


Hannah from girls. I wanted to bang my head against a wall every time she showed up. Couldn’t even finish the show.


Ted Mosby. I know he’s the main character and everything but he sucks.


They’re all pretty garbage humans, especially by the end. But Ted is just so damn whiney. He’s a terrible boyfriend and wonders why he still isn’t married.


I always skip Season 2 of Star Trek: TNG because Dr. Pulaski is the worst.


Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Not that I was ever a ‘fan’ of the show, but it was this vindictive, condescending, passive-aggressive failure-of-a-mother that grated on my nerves the most. She gets away with everything and never changes. Her malevolence was just too close to real life to be funny.


Penny from Big Bang Theory. She’s annoying, whiny and drags Leonard along for soooo long.


Fiona Gallagher from Shameless. For the first few seasons I loved her, but after a while she became exhausting to watch. First her fake urban accent got noticeably stronger, then the character herself became very self-righteous and selfish, and finally she made a series of bad decisions putting her family’s safety at risk and seemed completely unapologetic. Can’t relate….can’t enjoy anymore


Iris West in The Flash.


Mark Brendanawicz. Parks and Rec is one of my favorite shows but I avoid the first two seasons. I don’t know if it’s this character, or the writing that changed.


Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) when he took over on two and a half men, because it was never the same!


Packer in the office


I cannot watch the Packer episodes. They cause me physical pain.


Solution 8 month s ago
Dude, maybe step away from the television.
Stuck 8 month s ago
c'mon Charles Boyle?
Wonderful 8 month s ago
#22 i actually started watching the show every week once he was on it. it made it better, UNTIL near the end were they started letting on that they knew they were in a tv show/looking at the camera.



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