When Society Goes A Bit Overboard With Fighting Homeless People (15 pics)

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You’ve Got To Be The Worst Kind Of Heartless Twat If You Can Go Around Slashing Homeless People’s Tents

Someone Installs These Poles To Prevent The Homeless From Sleeping Here, They Find A Solution Anyways

Modern Problems Require Modern...oh Wait

When You’re Inclusive But Still Hate The Poor

Bench In Volgodonsk, Russia

Izismile Video Collection

Anyone Else Find This Ironic?

An Eyecatching Response To Mumbai’s Homelessness Crisis

This Man Removed 'Anti-Homeless' Devices From Benches And Ended In Court

Cut In The Shape Of An Obelisk, They Are Installed On A Private Site In Paris. Imagine A Homeless Man Who Would Lose Balance In The Middle Of This Work Of 'Art'? Or A Child?

Anti-Homeless Architecture


The Worst Example Of Anti-Homeless Architecture I've Ever Seen

When You Wanna Look Inclusive But Hate Homeless People

Man Sleeping On A Anti-Homeless Bench

More Anti Homeless Spikes....so Much For Community Spirit

There Are A Few Different Varieties But They All Serve The Same Purpose


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Labour 8 month s ago
August 8 month s ago
I know some of the people who install these things are jerks, like the ones on the park benches installed by cities.

But you also have to understand, homeless people are not always good neighbors. A very large number of them are homeless because of drug addiction. They can sleep on the doorstep of your business sure, but what if they poop there also, and piss there, and leave used needles? Imagine you came in to work every day stepping over needles (infected with God knows what diseases) and human poop every morning. You'd be installing something yourself...

They are still people and deserve to be treated with the respect due to any fellow person in need. But I'm just saying, the situation is not as cut and dry as "they just want to sleep somewhere for the night where they won't bother anyone"
Trained 8 month s ago
I read about a woman who fed chipmunks. Because compassion. Soon she was infested with mice, rats, squirrels, and cute little homeless chipmunks. Rodent feces everywhere.

Her solution was to buy more even more sunflower seeds, a bill that grew to over $200 PER WEEK. The more she fed the the animals and made their lives easy (compassion), the worse it became.

They were totally dependent on her. They had forgotten how to fend for themselves in the world.

She fretted in distress. "I just don't know what to do," she said.
Jelyyfish 8 month s ago
Quit doing drugs. Get a job. Problem solved.
Rush 8 month s ago
On the one hand, I've been homeless, so I can sympathize. On the other hand, I've lived in places where the homeless community was belligerent, aggressive, at times intimidating to passers by, etc, and if that's going on in the places pictured above, I don't blame people for taking strong measures. But it's not as simple as the idiot above who just says 'Quit doing drugs, get a job, problem solved.' What most people don't know is that the rate of addiction is lower on the streets. Seriously: when you're homeless, you don't have money for drugs and booze to keep you high. I was completely sober when I was homeless; I was homeless because I have debilitating health problems. Also, we're not all uneducated: I've met college-educated people who were homeless, including one woman with a Masters.
Selected 8 month s ago
Rush, I agree, this issue is "not as simple as the idiot above who just says 'Quit doing drugs, get a job...' ". However, I disagree with your claim that "...the rate of addiction is lower on the streets." This is not true, at all for most homeless people living on the streets.

With all regard to your exclusive experience, that's nowhere near what's already statistically proven in most cities on several continents.

But for you, I'm very glad your experience of homelessness was due to other things aside from mental illness and drug addiction. I gather your life has improved since your homelessness, and I'm very happy for you.

I suspect you're living in an area where gentrification has occurred. Many sane, non-addicts were forced from their homes due to property and taxes being raised ? I presume you live in California? If so? My condolences. You're screwed. All of your tax dollars are null and void.

But for the rest of the U.S.? Our homeless aren't as educated, sober, nor able to beat drug addiction as long as state and federal programs continue to feed those who either scam the system or don't know any better.

An educated, sober, and able person would--AND DOES-- find a way to move where the work and an indepentdent living can me made. Especially here in the United States.
Check 8 month s ago
wassat sm_80



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