Online games are gaining popularity, and their quality is sometimes superior to Hollywood movies. A lot of people are already tired of singles, so they prefer to plunge into the world of communication, fun, and joint battles. The modern market like has a huge number of games where we sometimes get lost. What are they, the best online games of 2019? For some, these are favorite DOTA or CS, and others prefer to craft Rust. Each of them is a leader in its genre, and some even blew up the world tops.






  A good starter deck

  Easy way to create and buy cards without donation

  Tricky gameplay on care

  Favorite characters practically with authentic abilities


If you love Spook's universe and know something about collectible card games, then Gwent is what you need.



Monster Hunter: World


The product of the Monster Hunter universe has a long history, but the last part is the first cross-platform game that finally went beyond the PS4 and got to the Xbox One and PC.

Gameplay part of MHW worked out to the smallest detail. Here, every inch of the landscape is most useful for combat, research, crafting, and survival.



Destiny 2



  Cheerful start of the story of the company and the tremendous pace of the game

  Great physics shooting

  Almost no useless activities in multiplayer

  Elaborate quest system for each planet





The next on the list is no less popular online game 2019 – Crossout. Its fame further contributed not only to advertising on most of the leading YouTube channels but also to an unusual setting in the form of a battle of wheeled monsters in the Apocalypse era post. This is the very moment when the basis of the World of Tanks and other tank arcades has been redesigned for the modern user.



ARK: Survival Evolved


Shifting from survival in a post "Apocalypse world," we move on to survival in a world populated by real dinosaurs. And since this is a true Survival, then all the accompanying attributes are present:


  The pursuit of resources;

  Housing construction;

  The study of recipes, technologies, and abilities.



Quake Champions


This product practically needs no introduction if you are over 20 years old. There is a huge number of adults and just fans of nostalgia playing Q3A cult and enjoying what is happening on the screen despite the corny outdated graphics.



Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands


Let's move to the huge wild map with reigning gangster cartels, mafia, and other extremists. The only drawbacks of such locations are lifelessness and cryptocurrency actions of most NPC. The plot of the game is quite interesting while leaving a giant space for an amateur.





Honorary bronze in the top 10 best online games goes to another Survival product, which can be called almost a leader in finding early access. During 5 years it was in the status of "Early Access" on Steam, but in 2019 it finally broke out of this bottomless pit of "promising projects that need a little more time."





It is unlikely that at the end of 2019 there is someone who has not heard about PUBG - a global gaming phenomenon that has moved not only Dota 2, but also all major competitors Steam in the number of simultaneously playing gamers. And let the numbers be not so impressive - the product is still extremely relevant. The only condition – to survive in the fight, simultaneously trying not to get into the danger zone, which every few seconds become more and more dangerous, and a safe "ring" then narrows.





Let me introduce you to the leader of the rating – "Fortnite" from the legendary Studio Epic Games, which gave the world the cult games such as "Unreal" and "Unreal Engine." Yes, there is another Battle Royale for a hundred people, and with a rather "child" cartoon graphics. And yes, Fortnite has drawbacks, but a huge community and a crazy drive cover all the jambs of developers. We do not require more from the game.

The most popular games in 2019