More Stuff That Solves Problems You Don’t Even Have (39 pics)

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Matt Benedetto calls himself an “evil genius” behind Unnecessary Inventions, and he is back with a new batch of even more unnecessary things!


The Sobbing Spectacles™️

Let the tears flow without the mess!

Our newly released glasses feature two highly absorbent sponges to soak up all those salty tears before they run down your face and simply wring them out before your next use

Swipe-n-Like 4000™️

The never-ending feed on Instagram can be a real drag! Well, not anymore thanks to our revolutionary new robot

Izismile Video Collection

Helping Hand Visor™️

Did I forget my sunglasses… again?! Block the sun’s blinding light like never before. This ergonomic and scientifically sculpted device provides the optimal amount of shade above your eyes to see in the brightest of conditions

This invention also doubles as a way to express something in Italian! Wuddyatalkinabout!

The MegaPod™️

Never lose an AirPod again when you supersize them with our newest innovative product!



Scoop and strain all in one movement. Sometimes you only want the good chunky stuff or maybe you want to cut some calories out of your meal

Our patent-pending design features an ergonomic spoon with full-depth holes spaced perfectly across your utensil. *bib not included

Cellphone Crapper Catcher™️

Saving cellphones, one bathroom trip at a time. It’s time to stop dropping your phones into the toilet and we have the solution. Our rugged cargo net firmly attaches to your toilet seat and features a conveniently placed hole

Road Rage Restrictor™️

Before you blow up in a fit of rage and give someone the finger – never leave the house without this handy accessory. Simply slide it onto each of your fingers to limit the movement of your middle finger to avoid flipping the bird!

Take a deep breath and get to your destination without any altercations

Burst Your Bubble Belt Buckle™️

Long day at work or simply fed up with life? Strap on our newest form of relaxation to your favorite belt and let it all out! With this special utility device, reach a moment of zen through the comfort of popping an endless stream of bubble wrap

Upgrade to the ASMR expansion pack with a built-in headphone jack!

Sleep Snorkel™️

Catch some Zzzz’s while you catch your breath. Sometimes you just gotta sleep with a pillow above your head but you also slowly suffocate yourself in the process

Insert the wide mouthpiece and smother your face with that pillow in peace. Also works great if you’re worried someone might be trying to kill you in your sleep!

The Zucker-Rug™️

Facebook for the bathroom! This revolutionary bathmat has moisture sensors to know when you shower, sound recording for the sink, and smell-o-vision for when you use the toilet – all reported back to Facebook!


It’s time to buy your AirPods en masse so your ears are never without their precious sound sticks. Our extraordinary charging case comes equipped with enough AirPods for when you inevitably lose them each week

But wait, did someone take my charge cord??

Family Feud Fender™️

The holidays are here which means it’s time for some overly stressful family time! Show them when you’ve simply had enough by effortlessly unraveling our signature facial block device and remove yourself from the drama

All I want for Christmas is a stress-free life!

The NogScarf™️

Stay Warm and Get Toasted! This holiday season when you are out singing your carols, strap on this festive scarf with built-in transparent pouches to chug down your eggnog

A long plastic straw protrudes from the scarf so there’s ultimate drinking ease. Fa-la-la-la I’m drunk

Ok Chia Boomer™️

Your new house plant with a guaranteed future of prosperous growth has arrived!

Never before has a plant been able to make you question how your life ended up the way it has!

Check out all of my inventions in my new book – 101 Unnecessary Inventions!


Different 5 month s ago
He's the next Carrot Top.
Everyday 5 month s ago
This sh#t is weird and he’s probably even weirder, but those are the most amazing green eyes I’ve ever seen.
Boston 5 month s ago
Better than that TV show "Shark Tank".



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