Who Is The A##hole In This Story? (1 pic + 5 gifs)

17 Dec 2019



So my driveway is on the corner of my street and has recently had double yellow lines put on the road to stop people parking there and causing issues for buses, etc.

As I was preparing to leave the house yesterday I noticed through my door that someone was blocking me in, doesn’t happen that often (usually delivery drivers) so I opened my door to have a look.



Middle aged woman is locking her car door and walking away so I told her that she couldn’t park on double yellow lines and block my car I , she proceeded to tell me that she had a disabled badge and was popping to the shops to collect a parcel. I explained that even with a disabled badge she couldn’t park there and that I was leaving anyway so she was blocking, I also explained that there is disabled parking at the shops.



Now this is the point that really started the petty revenge, she told me that she didn’t want to park at the shops and wanted to park there, that she always parks there and that she can stay there for 3 hours if she likes using the disabled pass and that if I take up any more of her time she will call the police before striding away from me.



I checked the laws which said she can park on double yellow lines but only if she is not an obstruction and is 15m away from a junction which she was not. So I decided that if she wanted to be that petty then so be it, I got in my car and reversed it down my driveway until it was 5cm away from the driver door.



When she returned 10 mins later (shops are a 30 sec walk away) she asked me to move my car to which I explained that I was trying to leave my house but unfortunately someone was in the way so I had to leave the car there. To finish this off she had to call a member of her family to coming down, go into the passenger side, squeeze over to the driver side and move the car.

As they did that I thanked them for their efforts, jumped in my car and drove away.

That’s what you get for being an arsehole.


Bride 9 month s ago
Great story, but that is not a driveway. The curb is clearly seen in the photo. It looks like the author is blocking the sidewalk
CookieDevourer 9 month s ago
my driveway has a curb
since when driveway is not a driveway when it has a curb?
Energy Inn 9 month s ago
"my driveway has a curb
since when driveway is not a driveway when it has a curb?"

There are no wear marks in this photo. Not on the curb or the flat area. It is not a driveway. That is not a place that has had 4 car tires drive over it twice a day for years.
Pants 9 month s ago
Regulations might differ per country. Over here driveways have a mandatory lowered curb, for example. Suppose that might be different in other places.

Saying it's not a driveway because it has no visible marks makes no sense.
That would make it impossible to have a driveway on a new street...

No visible marks --> no visible wear marks

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