There Is A Hospital In Japan That Only Admits “Sick” Plush Toys

21 Dec 2019


Fumofu Land & Nuigurumi Health Corporation is a “hospital” where plush toys are treated



Not only does the company restore old worn-out plushies, but they also do it in the most adorable way possible! They snap adorable pictures of the “process” showing off plush nurses and doctors working on the “patients”. From health evaluation to relaxing procedures, the company’s Twitter account shows that every patient is treated with care.




According to the Fumofu Land’s official website, they are a “specialized hospital for important stuffed animals that are members of the family”. The owner of the service says that they’ve realized that for some people certain plushies are extremely important and to an extent, they are like a part of the family.




To ensure that the patients receive the latest advanced stuffed medical care, the company established “Stuffed Animal Medical Laboratory” where they research various new techniques to “stitch up” the patients, considering the various extent of the damage.


The plush hospital functions by following 3 key rules or as they put it, promises. Quality (technology), care (heart) and event (fun). “A team of doctors will make every effort to ensure that any patient of any age and any severe condition can be [treated] and stay with their family,” their website ensures.


The plushie hospital also ensures that every patient goes through a list of caring procedures. Firstly, the plushie is examined by a medical professional named Ino with a stethoscope. If the patient feels lonely, they are given the company of other plushies. The hospital staff cares deeply about mental care so they ensure the admitted will be well taken care off and will have another plushie read them a story.


The patient can also have one attending visitor in the form of another plushie! And in case they don’t have anyone accompanying them, worry not! There will always be someone at the hospital to care for them and keep their company. Or maybe if the toy is into warm bubble baths, then they can go for a relaxing splash. Fumofu Land & Nuigurumi Health Corporation even has its own shampoo & treatment agent developed exclusively for stuffed skin. “It is a gentle bath esthetic that is safe even for patients with sensitive skin. We clean the body while healing the patient’s skin and heart,” the website describes the process.


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