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This Is Not Hell, These Are Terrifying Photos Of Brutal Australian Bushfires (50 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       7 Jan 2020       2716       4

To Our Nation's True Heroes - The Thousands Of Firefighters Currently Battling Fires Across Our Country, We Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts

Since The Fire Has Passed Through Mallacoota This Amazing, Selfless Young Guy Has Been Out Searching For Injured Wildlife. This Is One Of 7 Koalas He's Saved So Far

Neighbours Helping Out Strangers During The Australian Bushfires. Everything Helps And It All Adds Up!

Quite Literally Watching Your World Burn

I'm So Proud Of My Country, Our Volunteer

Izismile Video Collection

The Kangaroo Is Drenched In Water After Approaching A Human For Help

This Fire Fighter (And All Ff’s) Saving The People, Animals, And Homes In Australia

After Spotting A Koala Crossing A Road Amongst The Flames A Woman Rushed To The Animal’s Aid, Wrapping It In Her Shirt And Pouring Water Over It

My Family Have Been Fighting These Fires On Our Farm And Our Community Nonstop For Over A Month

This is a picture of my Dad getting 5 mins sleep on our front lawn, while my brother keeps watch over the fire burning at the top of our farm after he finished his 10th 12 hr+ day in a row fighting voluntarily in the community with the RFS NSW.


Amazingly Surreal Photo Of The Bush Fire In Australia


Exhausted Firefighters In Australia

Australian Hillside Glows Like Lava After Being Consumed By Bushfire

3D “Visualisation” Of The Fires In Australia, Made From Nasa Satellite Data

Australia Fires

Firefighter Saved This Little Baby Kangaroo That Was Left By Its Self

Caught The Smoke As It Was Spreading Over Our Suburb In Australia

My Uncle At The End Of A 13 Hour Shift Volunteering With Nsw Rfs

Firefighters Literally Dance In Joy As Rain Falls Over Raging Bush Fires That Have Burned Across Australia For Weeks

Hell Opens Up In Australia. Thoughts Go Out To Our Brave Fire Fighters

Bushfire Evacuation

After logging 776 hours of firefighting in the last ten weeks. No end in sight. New fires keep starting. Another four months of the fire season. Trucks literally being worked to death 24/7. Equipment breakages. Crew injuries. Fresh untrained crew needing guidance. Logistic nightmares. Missed meals. Etc.

In Australia After A Fire

No Filters. Australia Is Red From Wildfires

My Son Is 1 Month Old, He's Never Breathed Fresh Air In His Life

How Big The Fires Are

A Picture One Of The Local Postmen Took From His Front Yard. This Was In Forster

6 Deaths. 2.2 Million Hectares Burnt. 680 Homes Destroyed. Countless Animals Lost. And No End In Sight...

Australia Fires

The Fires From Australia Are So Massive That We Our Skies In New Zealand Have Turned Yellow (1,600 Miles Away)

Area Of Land Burnt In Australia And Area Of Smoke Coverage Shown As Equivalent Area Over Europe

Do You See This? This Is Our World. 4000 People Are Currently Sheltering From The Devastating Fires In Australia On A Beach. Photos Taken In Mallacoota In Victoria

This Is What My City Melbourne Looks Like Right Now !!! The Air Quality Here Is Terrible

Australia Is Currently Engulfed By Bushfires ... Almost 2000 Houses Have Been Burnt

This Is A Pyrocumulus Cloud Produced By Smoke From The Australian Bushfires. It’s 12km High. It Produces Its Own Thunderstorms, Fire Tornadoes And 100km/H Winds

11-Year-Old Finn Piloting A Powerboat

A Satellite Image Shows Wildfires Burning East Of Obrost, Victoria, Australia January 4, 2020

One Of The Hundred Of Homes Destroyed By The Australian Fires

Australia Bush Fire

This Photo Isn't Edited. Bushfires In Australia

Over A 1000 People Forced Onto A Beach By Out Of Control Fires. They Are Surrounded With No Escape Except To Swim

Hill Of "Lava"

Australia Is One Of The First Countries To Ring In 2020, Here Is What We Are Waking Up To On The Last Day Of This Decade. Happy New Year.

Yesterday Was One Crazy Day. I Helped Defend Friends Property From The Fire At Nth Durras

Paracombe 34, Langley Rd Gumeracha, Cudlee Creek Bushfire, South Australia

A Picture Of The Fires Burning In Australia Right Now. It Looks Like Hell

Area Of Land Burnt In Australia Compared To The Size Of Ireland

Evacuation On The Beach

Australia Fired

Apocalyptic Image Of Sydney’s Bush Fires

No Filter. A Motel In Nsw Australia In Middle Of The Day


Cream 5 month s ago
To all the do-gooders risking the lives of firefighters to save animals which are not highly evolved enough to get away from a fire: stop. If they can't get away from fire, it's nature's way of thinning the herd. Stop, because firefighters have enough to worry about without having to take a call about you because you were too misguided to get out of the fire zone. If a firefighter waits even a minute to think about you and your animal obsession, you could kill that firefighter while trying to save an animal - an animal which, despite having no natural enemies, is going extinct anyway. Humans before animals.
House 5 month s ago
Arson, not "climate change". The loonies will try anything
Important 5 month s ago
Talking about loonies .. mostly climate change, a few arsonists.
Harmless 5 month s ago
I don't care what it is that's causing these fires. I do care that it's an emergent situation to help our friends in Australia. B*tch all you like here. But do something to help them after you click "submit". Otherwise? STFU.



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