Hollywood Uses CGI To Fix Just About Everything…

22 Jan 2020


Used to erase Armie Hammer’s genitals in Call Me by Your Name.

This movie, taking place in the early 80’s, is pretty accurate from a costuming perspective, hence, some short shorts. Which means some slippage. I don’t know how well-endowed Armie Hammer is, but apparently, his junk kept on falling out during filming.

So consequently, there was a guy who’s job it was to digitally erase his balls from the movie in post production. Still feel like complaining about your job?



The city of San Francisco was digitally added into the background of a scene in The Room

There are a lot of insane things wrong (and right) with The Room, but this one is extremely puzzling. During the “I did not hit her/Mark” dialogue on the roof of Johnny’s apartment, the scene was actually shot on a set, with a green screen, and the city was added in afterwards.

Except the set itself was a recreation of the actual rooftop of Tommy Wiseau’s apartment building, with a very similar view. So what was the point?



Ryan Renold’s Green Lantern suit/mask in Green Lantern

I mean, I get that this isn’t a good film, but it had some redeeming features and a lot of potential. But that CGI-suit; geez. A practical suit would have made everything seem more legit, rather than the comical cartoon the film became.



Kevin Spacey was digitally removed from scenes of All the Money in the World and replaced by Christopher Plummer

After the scandal with Spacey, he needed to go. That’s obvious. In this case, it was a ridiculous circumstance because he was completely removed and replaced with Plummer in 9 days.

The film was already completed when it was decided that the role would be recast with the older actor, who was director Ridley Scott’s first choice in the role anyway. It took some re-shoots, clever editing, and digital removal of one actor to be replaced with another and it made the film better.

After two weeks of rushed work, Plummer received a supporting Oscar nomination for the work. Plus, he looks better as J. Paul Getty with his natural 88-year old face, then Spacey with all the makeup.



Lindsay Lohan’s boobs were too big in Herbie: Fully Loaded

According to test audiences (aka the parents), her tits were too big and distracting. So Disney used CGI to reduce the size of her bust to something more reasonable.

That’s actually not reasonable at all.



Someone had to digitally add pubes to Dakota Johnson in the 50 Shades movies

If you’re not familiar with how they film sex scenes, it’s pretty awkward, with the little flesh flaps/covers over the uglies they’re bumping. While there is a lot of nudity in the film, there’s also a lot of trickery involved to make it look safe, hygienic and legit.

Most of the sex scenes that were shot in the first film especially, had the flesh shield on full display. In post production, someone had to add in the foliage to make it all look natural.



The Twin Towers were digitally removed from Zoolander

When it came time to release movies that were filmed in NY prior to 9/11, but were released after, what do you do about the twin towers? Some movies decided to keep them in as a tribute, while others took the painstaking trouble of taking them out, in respect.

Zoolander was the first one out after the attack, so it was ripe for criticism for their efforts in digitally removing them.



The ‘guns for walkie-talkie’ swap in E.T.

For the 20th anniversary release of the film, Spielberg decided to update/replace things that had bothered him since the 1982 release. This included the spaceship, some geography, and ET himself. But he also took out the guns that the FBI were holding, and replaced them with walkie-talkies. This latter move was done at the behest of parent groups.

Thankfully, he undid that move in time for the 30th anniversary, and told parent to deal with it.



Henry Cavill’s freaky upper lip in Justice League

This is perhaps the worst example of CGI in history; WB should be ashamed. Cavill was called back for reshoots, while on set for Mission: Impossible 6 where he had a contractually obligated moustache. Instead of wearing a fake ‘stache for MI6, Paramount demanded that he keep it, and WB had to remove that lip caterpillar in post, and we were left with this freaky-looking superman.

What’s even worse is that a $500 computer program that’s the reason behind the deepfakes phenomenon, did a better job at making Supes look normal. Everyone involved with this fiasco (and the whole non-Snyder people), should be ashamed of themselves.



The filmmakers of John Wick spent $5K on CGI dog poop

Early on in the film, John’s dog takes a shit on his lawn, but instead of waiting for the dog to poop, or filming the dog from the waist up, then cut to fake poop, or not even have that scene at all, they had fake poop rendered.

That shit’s expensive.



Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had too much CGI, including this gopher

While the worst part of the film is the part where Indy rides a fridge away from a nuclear explosion, that’s not the worst. It’s this CGI gopher that appears out of the ground, that is completely extraneous. We don’t need him. Same with the monkeys, the fire ants or the finale with the spaceship.

Practical is always better, fellas. It’s what we grew up on and why we loved this franchise so much.



WB had to digitally add in naked people, in front of other naked people, to get an R rating for Eyes Wide Shut

Director Stanley Kubrick died a week after showing his final cut to Warner Bros, so he never got to fight over the changes, but luckily enough, there weren’t too many.

There was one, however, that was a huge issue; the drawn out orgy. If left as it was, it would have made the film rated NC-17, rather than R.

What WB did is digitally add in elements that blocked out some of the more graphic sex scenes, with some naked people. You can see the shot for shot comparison HERE!



Mark Zuckerberg needed fake breath in The Social Network

In the scene where Zuck and Eduardo are hatching up the idea for Facebook, they’re outside a party at Harvard, and digital breath was added because the weather wasn’t right.

They had to fake it, according to director David Fincher, because it was ridiculously cold, but not humid enough that the breath would be visible on camera. So he had it added in.



Nicolas Cage had some “enhanced” CGI abs in Ghost Rider

There’s a lot to be said for the effort that Cage put into getting in shape for the role. Even in his 40’s, he looked pretty ripped in the film.

In post, however, they needed to remove some of this tattoos, and while they were in there, they tweaked his abs, making them more defined, and a lot more shiny.



Superman’s bulge was too bulgy in Superman Returns

Some audience and studio members round that Brandon Routh’s bulge was too big.

To ensure that the reboot was successful and toy sales weren’t impacted, his little Lois lander was made smaller.

Didn’t save the film though.



The freaky baby in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 was all CGI

I’m gonna spoil the ending of the movies/books for ya. I’m sorry if you were waiting for a special time to dive into this gems of a film series, but in the end, Bella and Edward have a baby.

What makes it a little more fucked up is this half human/vampire baby grows quickly, so they needed a CGI baby that grew, but as a result, they created the baby spawn from hell. This thing is unnatural.



The Special Editions of Star Wars IV-VI

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the versions I grew up with on VHS, but no, Lucas had to add in extra stuff that makes no sense, such as replacing puppets with CGI, adding in details, and making Greedo shoot first.

Not to mention the absolute travesty of Return of the Jedi. You know what I mean; making Anakin’s wounds less severe when he’s unmasked, then taking away Sebastian Shaw and adding in Hayden Christensen for the final force ghost scene.



Jennifer Connolly couldn’t cry in Blood Diamond

Actors don’t even need to think sad thoughts to bring on the waterworks; CGI will do it for them. According to the trades, the tear that rolls down here cheek is this scene is 100% fake.



Wesley Snipes refused to open his eyes for a scene in Blade: Trinity, so they digitally added them in

There are a lot of stories about the final Blade film and how difficult it was to work with Snipes, and how director David Goyer couldn’t keep the story straight, and etc… It was just a gong show of a shoot, but towards the end, Snipes and Goyer just didn’t communicate, so this happened. Later on, CGI was used to make his eyes open.



Toby Maguire’s head shave in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas wasn’t real

Apparently Maguire wanted $15K to shave his head, despite his role in the film being incredibly minimal. So director Terry Gilliam opted for a bald cap and CGI instead.

In the end, it was more expensive than to just pay him out.



Vivian Leigh’s eye colour was changed in post production of Gone With the Wind

Ok, so this is cheating – it wasn’t CGI. Still though, for 1939 standards, it’s pretty insane.

According to the novel, Scarlett O’Hara has green eyes, but the actress’ eyes were blue. Since contact lens tech was relatively new, there needed to be another way to change the eye colour.

So someone literally had to colour correct every frame of the picture with chemicals and paint to ensure the vivid green shone through. In. Every. Scene.

Compilation 1 year ago
#11 That's a prairie dog, not a gopher. Just sayin'.
Gorgeous 1 year ago
#17 Couldn't agree more. I hated the remastered Star Wars Trilogy.

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