What Chinese Medical Personnel Is Going Through Working With Coronavirus

31 Jan 2020


Nurses cut each other’s hair in preparation to wear coronavirus protection gear








Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that include the common cold, but a few have been known to cause more serious illness. The new coronavirus is said to cause fever and respiratory symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing,) with the BBC reporting that, as with most coronaviruses, it poses the highest risk of complications like pneumonia to the elderly and those with immune insufficiency. Of the nearly 8000 patients confirmed as of January 30, about 170 have died, most of whom had existing chronic health issues.



After getting dressed, they write their names on the bulky suits to identify each other


Nurses wear gear to keep particles out of their eyes, noses and mouths


Medical staff have had to rush to Wuhan from all over China to assist in the city’s overburdened hospitals, where patients and staff alike were seen sleeping on the floor, and staff have reportedly been wearing adult diapers to save time and avoid having to strip out of their tightly taped-up biohazard suits.

A Wuhan resident who lives with his father told Al Jazeera that when his father became ill with typical coronavirus symptoms, he planned to rest at home, but four days into the illness, a fever of 40°C (104°F) forced him to seek medical help. By that time, most of the hospitals in the city had queues stretching out the door with people left waiting outside, potentially for hours. The man says that it took two more days for his father to be admitted to a hospital, where he was treated for three days and is now recovering. This congestion making it difficult for new patients to be admitted is exacerbated by what Chinese people describe as widespread medical inequality. The disproportionate distribution of resources and qualified medical professionals to the highest-grade hospitals in wealthier areas leads to a distrust of local clinics, meaning that people go straight to these hospitals for outpatient concerns or tests.



Overworked medical staff fall asleep wherever they are

Sunlight 8 month s ago
i don't get it. there putting on a full body suit why cut the hair?
CookieDevourer 8 month s ago
Hair between the suit edges and skin can create tiny gaps for air to sip through. Take two glasses of salt and put them together so the top rims touch, salt will stay in the glass. Now, do the same but place a spoon between them - salt will slowly flow out
Following 8 month s ago
Common flue kills about 20x more people each year. Just fearporn from msm
People 8 month s ago
I don't care where you are, nurses are the BEST!
Smarter 8 month s ago
Following - although the flu infects and kills at a much higher rate, we know for certain that it's seasonal, and come March or April it will go away, just as it does every year.

This new virus is novel and unknown, and we have no idea if it will subside with the onset of warmer weather, or if it will just continue to spread - so that's the big concern.

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