Top Gifts for NZ$10 and Under for Kiwi Friends

3 Feb 2020



A strong friendship makes us feel stronger even in a difficult situation as we have always friends to support and encourage us. Like every relationship, a friendship should be kept healthy and giving gifts is one option to maintain it.


In New Zealand, offering presents is important especially on occasions but you don’t need to have a large budget on extravagant gifts. Here are the top clever presents that cost NZ$10 or under in which your Kiwi friend will certainly appreciate.



Fred Manatea Silicone Tea Infuser

If your friend is a perfect tea lover, you should opt for The Fred & Friends Manatea Tea Infuser. In fact, this latter is the best quirky tea infuser because apart from its gorgeous design, Manatea Tea Infuser is practicable as well. Since it is made from silicone, it is easy to clean. Besides, it maintains the leaves so that they won't lose in your tea. This tea infuser easily attaches to your cup's side and rings up at less than NZ$10.



Bookmarks by Nabob Leather

For reading lovers, bookmarks are useful so they will be pleased if you offer them these kinds of gifts. As they need bookmarks, it is important to choose the most durable items. With Nabob Leather bookmark, it is made from full-grain leather and is sold in a three-pack. This best product is extremely effective and costs less money.



A Miniature Lodge Skillet

We often have Kiwi friends who love cooking and spend their time making us delighted with delicious foods. Add more happiness to their lives by offering them a miniature lodge skillet. Since it is a miniature version of the Lodge cast iron skillet, it lasts surely a lifetime and can be utilized on many things such as egg fryer, ashtray, decoration, and more. This item only costs you a few dollars.



A Pack of Cable Clip Organizers

Probably all of us need cable clip organizers to avoid a mess in our room. These clips will allow us to arrange all our cables and can be used for computers, cell phones, and else. You can offer these peel-and-stick wire holders to your friends as they are both effective and cheap.



A Waterproof Notepad and Pencil

Some people may have smart ideas in the shower and if you have friends who get their best ideas there, it is time to give them a waterproof notepad with a pencil. This notepad sticks to the shower door with a pencil that works great. This present will enchant your friend and will remain an unforgettable memory for them. This object costs around NZ$10.



Casino Bonuses or Chances to Win

Today, online casinos have invaded the gambling industry and due to the fierce competition between them, some platforms offer a bonus program more than you expected. Apart from the free spins that are waiting for those who register at a casino, the new players who just deposit at all $10 min deposit gambling sites in New Zealand will benefit from big bonuses enabling them to increase their chances of winning. This bonus package varies depending on the casino they choose.



A 5-pack of Comfortable Socks

Offering warm socks made from winter wool is an excellent idea if your friends are always feeling cold. A 5-pack of comfortable socks in a variety of colors is a perfect gift. These warm socks are made for women's shoe sizes from 5 to 8. Your beloved will be able to relax with these socks and will certainly remember you.



TheraFlow Foot Massager

Having time to relax is necessary for our well-being and health. If you think that tools related to massage are expensive, you are wrong because there are some manual massage tools at an affordable price. One of them is TheraFlow for foot that you can give as a gift to your friends. With this wooden roller, there are grooves and nubs created specifically to enable the users to reach even the achiest spots.



An Oversized Mug

A mug is always a good gift for everyone and if you have never offered this kind of present to your friend, you can choose an original cup. An oversized mug that comes with customized pictures printed on it is a good deal because it costs less than 10 dollars. This mug is ideal for dessert in the evening or why not a hot coffee in the morning?



Ontel Veggetti Power Electric Spiralizer

If you have vegetarian friends or those who just enjoy cooking, you can opt for an Ontel Veggetti Power Electric Spiralizer. In this gadget, they can transform their favourite vegetables into pasta form. Mind that this affordable tool costs only around 10 dollars.


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