Driver 2 year s ago
Most of these women don’t look very good even with all the makeup on.
Undetectable 2 year s ago
Makeup is like a costume. Don't be surprised when you do the reveal and people don't think you look the same.
First 2 year s ago
Also... who cares??
Jericho 2 year s ago
Well, the truth is always obvious - the skunks that look ugly without the makeup are treated differently. Pretty girls are pretty without the makeup, so there can't be a significant difference.
Mushroom 2 year s ago
I'm a man when my hair is nice and I wear a suit and tie I get treated differently too. Guess I should cry about it.
Limited 2 year s ago
At the pub vs. the next morning. 35

Don't be mad he runs when her sees your real face. You started by hiding it in the first place.
Legs 2 year s ago
#1. With or without. The rest are gross
Police 2 year s ago
I have to suppose that negative comments come from guys who don't get to date at all..
Indiana Jones 2 year s ago
The people who always call every woman ugly should each upload a post that's full of the women they find attractive. I'd really like to see that.
Magdalena 11 month s ago
to be honest i like the non makeup faces a little is ok with me but i love natural not the barbie look
Cathy 2 month s ago
Hahaha this is great I can relate

Rachel Renee

"When people meet me and I'm bare-faced, I'm treated like just another person. Other women approach me for conversation if I'm at the bar, I exchange casual smiles while passing someone in the aisle grocery shopping, all just typical daily scenarios with the average human being. Rarely do I receive compliments on my looks or get hit on. But when people meet me when I'm dolled up, it's a night-and-day difference. As some of my best friends have told me, I come across as “intimidating” and “mean”. I've had people tell me that before they got to know me they thought I’d be stuck up. I've had boys tell me that other boys wouldn't date me in school because they're too afraid, that I'm “too cool”.

Girls have walked their boyfriends out of my work because of my looks. Random women have tried to pick fights with me because their husband was looking at me. When I have a full face of makeup on I can walk straight to the front of any VIP line at a night club and get in (even before I was 21.) I get significantly hit on more, even offered a lot of money in exchange for my “time”, and that has never happened without makeup.

People offer me jobs more and try to recruit me to do marketing. Rich men and athletes have taken me out on very luxurious dates, whereas I once did a personal experiment and met up with someone from a dating app bare-faced, and never got a callback. (Granted I wouldn't have answered, he was dull and egotistical, couldn't keep a conversation going about anything other than lifting.) I had to wear a full face of “performance makeup” every day for 8 months, and let me tell you, it's slightly exhausting.

These last 3 months I've only worn makeup once and it's been amazing. Makeup makes me stand out, and sometimes it's nice to just blend in and focus on the interior and not the exterior. And not trying to sound snobby or pretentious, just wanted to answer the question honestly and compare treatment!"


Girls Share How People Treat Them With And Without Makeup