Smarter 1 year ago
haha, women all over the world see this and think "F**k this hot chick with her flawless face, free time, and perfect sense of humor."
Unusual 1 year ago
Smarter, Nah. Most of us look at it and think, "lol, Just wait Sister, you won't have time for these shenanigan's after your first-born." Not all, but most of us. lol ok

Grace Navarro decided to track the progress of her first pregnancy in an interesting way…

A thought occurred. Grace immediately downloaded some apps to help her understand what size her baby would be each week of her pregnancy. On one particular day, she found out that her baby girl was the size of a beet. Being a big fan of the Office, she immediately thought of Dwight. And the rest came naturally.

She quickly got a chalkboard, wrote down some facts and highlights of the pregnancy, and dressed up as Dwight Schrute holding some beets. At first, her intentions were to make a fun one-off picture and to be done with it, but when she saw how positively everyone reacted to it, she knew she had to go on.

And so each week, she researched some facts about her ever-growing baby and wrote them down on the chalkboard. Then she got into an appropriate costume to fit the object that explained the current size of the baby and snapped a picture.

Over the next 23 weeks, she dressed up as a variety of characters from The Office, Harry Potter, and Disney fandoms. These included Dwight Shrute and Jim Halpert from the Office, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, as well as Rapunzel, Snow White, and Russell, among many others.


She took a photo dressed up as different Harry Potter, The Office, & Disney characters every week of the pregnancy


Take a glance at her entire pregnancy journey below, starting at Week 14 and going all the way through to week 37.


For Every Week Of Her Pregnancy, This Woman Has A New Costume