Landlord Shows Some Disgusting Photos To Explain Why Security Deposits Are A MUST! (40 pics)

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A landlord shared photos of what one family did to his property

At the time of writing, Jerry’s post got over 25k likes on Facebook and was reshared 49k times. Some internet users even shared the story with law enforcement and suggested that the family be brought to justice.

Bigger Pockets has some simple but to-the-point advice for fresh-faced landlords. Even if you believe in the inherent goodness of mankind, you can’t deny that there are some rotten apples out there. Apples that could spread the rot to your property. So it’s important to screen out potential problem-causers.

Two things that you should look at are the tenants’ incomes and credit scores. A poor credit score is more closely linked to risky behavior than a high credit score. Of course, there are always exceptions. But you want to do business with individuals who pay their rent on time, not those who always make excuses.


“Couldn’t pay rent but could always afford butts”

“The living room/trash bin”

Izismile Video Collection

“Bathroom #1. Where all the rabbits were living”

Puking off the balcony on to the downstairs businesses trash cans”

Got trash?”

“Soiled diapers lay where ever the kid was changed!”


“Petrified mix of poop, right next to where they slept!”

“Trail of trash continued”

“Destroyed 100 year old floors with layers of urine and poop”

“The shower, also a trash bin/litter box”

“Sink that looks to be a great ashtray as well”

“Hardened poop in the kitchen”

“Mix of poop, food and who the hell knows what in kitchen drawers…”

“Windowsill with some sort of jellied something?”

“Freezer snacks!”

“Not sure what we have here?”

“Ahh yes the room the dog was locked in! The black spots are a mix of diarrhea, and urine!”

“Rabbit toilet!”

“Actual toilet”

“More extremely dirty diapers”

“Another poop filled diaper….. let’s just toss that under the sink! Out of sight out of mind rite?”

“Tampons and more dirty diapers. Mmmmm”

“I found one hiding filled with poop stuck behind a dresser…”

“This folks is a broken drug pipe of some sort”

“Bahhh just dump that soda on the wall. Don’t worry the property manager will clean that up in 6-7months”

“Anything goes with playdoe apparently?”

“Yummo. Hairy toothpaste balls! My fav”

“Someone practicing their addition”

“The flies are also our pets! The more the better!”

“More up and coming artistry”

“Is that poop on your hands, best thing to do is wipe it off on the trim!”

Everyone should be given a chance to redeem themselves. After all, we all have the potential to make serious mistakes in life due to desperation or factors outside of our control. However, landlords also have the right to look through tenants’ criminal records and refuse to rent to them.

Also, keep in mind that just because a person has incredibly positive landlord references doesn’t make them a good tenant. They don’t reflect the whole truth and can be faked, so they should be taken with a pinch of salt. Did I say a pinch? I meant a cartload.

Landlords should also check whether potential tenants got back their previous security deposits. And why. Previous behavior is an indication of future behavior. Keep that in mind. Because you wouldn’t want to have the same thing that happened to Jerry happen to you now, would you?


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Martial 5 month s ago
Predator 5 month s ago
Well, and this is scraping the bottom of the 'things to be happy about barrel' at least they bought games for their kids. :)
Intact 5 month s ago
Hard to believe there are "people" that actually live like that. Too bad they breed.



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