Yeah, Exactly – Good News From Coronavirus Quarantine! (39 pics)

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These Are Epic Times

Leadership Indeed

Not Often Do We See People This Young And Mature. Bravo Edmidgley, We Are Sorry You Had To Step Down

Lots Of Strange Things Happening In The World Lately. Adopted This Rescue Kitty Today To Help Make Both Our Lives Better

Husband Celebrates 67th Anniversary Outside Wife’s Nursing Home

Izismile Video Collection

We Don’t Deserve John Bon Jovi


My Local Chinese Restaurant Fed 100 People For Free Today. This Is What Community Is All About

This 103 Year Old Iranian Women Beat The The Corona Virus And Was Allowed To Go Back Home! She’s Holding A Piece Of Paper Saying “I Defeated The Corona Virus”

Husband And Wife On First Line Of Defense Against Coronavirus. Finally Meet For Couple Minutes


Stop Hoarding

That's How You Do It!

This Church Has The Right Idea

He Comes To Talk To His Dad Every Day Since The Nursing Home Is On Lockdown

China Sent Medical Masks To Italy

This Japanese Shopkeeper's Smile

Great News

Jennifer Haller, The First Person In The World To Be Injected With The Experimental Vaccine For The Covid-19

100 Years Old Today And The Nursing Home Is On Coronavirus Lockdown So They Sang To Her From Outside

Granddaughter Telling Grandfather The News Of Her Engagement

I'm Gonna Cry

Humans Above Business. Always

A Doctor In Wuhan Stopped To Let A 87 Year Old Patient To See The Sunset During A Transfer

Distancing Solution In A Danish Supermarket

Someone With A Generous And Kind Heart

My Wife Off To Fight Covid-19. Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Some Wear Ppe

A Customer Left A $2,500 Tip To Support An Ohio Bar That Had To Close Because Of Coronavirus

Sometimes A Bad Situation Brings Out The Best

Boyfriend Lost His Serving Job Because Of Corona. Bosses Cleared Out The Kitchen To Provide Food For Employees And Intend On Making Them Weekly Care Packages

Father Of The Year

My Kindergarten Teaching Wife Holding Daily Zoom Sessions For Her Students.  Because She's A Real Hero!

Stay Safe Be Kind

A Local Bank In My Area Bought All The Corned Beef From A Local Deli After They Had To Shut Down Do To The Coronavirus


Spanish Soldiers Helping An Elderly Woman During Quarentine

A 98 Year Old Patient Recovered From Coronavirus In China

This Student Created A Network Of 'Shopping Angels' To Help The Elderly Get Groceries During The Coronavirus Pandemic

We Need More Efforts Like These

NZ Supermarket


Carwash 4 month s ago
Funny 4 month s ago
... have to agree with you - world is retarded, for not asking questions about the taxes each and everyone of us paid, but we still have to collect ppe and food for the ppl piece by piece from construction companies and personal stashes.
p.s. when U see your neighbors family going from 13 to 5 in 10 days, please return and express your opinion one more time.
Rush 4 month s ago
And won't you be happy to blame it on Donald Trump.
Treasure 4 month s ago
Yeah Carwash... the mortality rate of this virus is as much as twice that of even the worst of the normal flu season. Look at the numbers, or ask someone who can count to help you with things like percentage calculation.
Tourist 4 month s ago
...when whorehouse stop bringing monies, you don't rearrange beds. You replace girls.
House 4 month s ago
Treasure, when you'll receive similar notifications in your e-mail - please let me know, until then its time for your bath, as doctor prescribed.
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Mushroom 4 month s ago
#27 seems kind of suspicious. that period makes it look like they wrote $25.00 and someone added two zeros on the end of it.



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