There are more single parents struggling with the coronavirus quarantine than you think. For example, in San Francisco, in California, nearly a quarter of all families with children are single-parent households; the number is over one third in Hidalgo County, in Texas, where MaryAnn lives.

So a lot of parents are out of their depth and face very real dilemmas in their day to day lives: do they leave their children at home, bring them along on trips to grocery stores, or potentially risk infecting their extended family members with the coronavirus by dropping the kids off at their place? At the end of the day, there’s no good answer and each decision has its downsides.

26-year-old startup founder and single mom Izabel Arnold is another example of someone stuck in a Catch-22 situation. Izabel told the San Francisco Chronicle that she feels completely overwhelmed and very lonely.

“I think other working single moms share the same sentiment—that we feel we’re failing at our jobs and at being moms because both require our full attention, but neither can have it,” she shared her struggles with finding balance in her life between paying the bills and raising her child.

Izabel stopped seeing her parents because she’s afraid of exposing them to the virus. Meanwhile, her child’s daycare is closed which means Izabel has to take care of son all by herself all day, every day.


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