Non-Americans Will Never Forgive Americans For Ruining These Foods… (20 pics)

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“When people heat up avocado, it is a desecration of holy proportions. Leave avocados alone. They’re perfect! Stop ruining them with your ignorance.”


“Tacos with the hard shell, cheese ‘sauce,’ ‘taco-flavored’ ground beef, heaps of sour cream, and then instead of using real salsa, just flavorless diced tomatoes. Sad, sad.”


“I will never forgive America for what they did to our beautiful croissants. Used as a sandwich? Grilled with cheese?? Deep-fried??? We gave you something so pure and you couldn’t handle it, you monsters!”


“Don’t mix wasabi into soy sauce. Also, pickled ginger is a palate cleanser, not a sushi topping, kthnxbye.”


“I am originally from Barcelona. All these new hipster places claim to be ‘tapas bars’ but they are nothing more than fancy South American food places. They just place the meal on small dishes (nothing wrong with South American food btw) but that’s definitely not what tapas are!”


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“Crab rangoon doesn’t exist in Asia. Most Asian countries rarely incorporate milk in traditional food.”


“Goulash. It’s not a stew; it’s not a pasta dish; it’s a hearty soup made with beef shanks, root vegetables, potatoes, and Hungarian dumplings (galuska or csipetke).”


“I cringe whenever I see frozen ‘pierogies’ with cheddar. That’s so wrong. It’s ‘pierogi’ and cheddar does not belong to them.”


“Poutine is supposed to be only potato, gravy, and cheese curds. When you add mozzarella, bacon, jalapeño, or whatever it is no longer poutine — it’s disco fries.”


“No proper tea comes in a bag, and then they have the nerve to microwave the water for the tea.”



“Banh mi. It literally translates to bread — specifically a special baguette. Please go to an actual Vietnamese restaurant or deli for one…Not some hipster fusion place where they put cilantro, pickled daikon, and carrots on top of whatever and have the audacity to call it banh mi.”


“Yes, our food is rich and flavorful and colorful, but not to the extent that a lot of Americanized restaurants portray it as. Americanized Indian food is full of cream and is TOO rich at times.”


“I think it’s quite disturbing that Americans put that weird frosting-type thing on top of cinnamon rolls. I’m from Sweden and here we only ever put egg wash and pearl sugar on top before baking our kanelbullar.”


“I’m English living in LA and I’ve traveled far and wide trying to find fish and chips like home. It’s impossible. Please someone prove me wrong and tell me where!!!!!!!”


“Deep dish pizza. It’s not pizza. It is disrespectful to the Italian culture and Neapolitans. Deep-dish completely ruins pizza!”


“Hummus wasn’t supposed to be some vegan, low-carb food for people to gently dip their vegetables in. This is a glorious, greasy dish made in heaven with a ton of tahini and olive oil. ‘חומוסיות’ are restaurants that only sell hummus, topped with either beef, an egg, or cooked beans, alongside falafel and an infinite supply of pita flatbreads.”


“Carbonara. CarboNARA. CARBONARA. CARBOOOOOOONARA. There is NO CREAM in it. Come on, guys. Love, an Italian.”


“Way too many times I’ve seen people drop plain tomato sauce on spaghetti. No sautéed onions or garlic, no spices, NOTHING. Abomination.”


“The US seriously screwed up their version of Chinese food. The ‘Chinese’ food you find here is ridiculously greasy and drowned in sauce. As a Chinese American, I can definitely tell you that’s not even close to real Chinese food.”


“Australia here. Vegemite. It is NOT meant to be spread like peanut butter or nutella. You only need a smear.”


Fenrisulven 3 month s ago
Food recipes changes when they are adopted by new cultures, it's completely normal. But perhaps the food should get a new name then instead of being refereed to as authentic or real (insert geographical region) food.
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
Ez 3 month s ago
Yes, I get so sick of this anti-American stuff glorified by the liberals. It's not 'cultural appropriation', it's a recipe!
Celinda 3 month s ago

lol at the [email protected]#ktard who has to try to make everything political.
Arzada 3 month s ago
Ah yes the daily IZI American Hate topic...too stupid to realize that foods and recipes come from all over the World and some items AREN'T available so the recipe is changed because of availability.

I've NEVER known anybody that heats up Avocados...idiots
Susan 3 month s ago
the Japanese 7-11s have a chicken, mayo and spaghetti sandwich as well has a cream corn danish. Don't want it then don't eat it and don't complain about it.
Della 3 month s ago
#7 Gulasch is in fact a stew. Another load of horsesh#t, this post.
Madge 3 month s ago
Wow. Lots of ticked off people this morning. And all I was going to say was that I agree with the frozen pierogies. I've tried them, and they are pretty horrible.
Ote 3 month s ago
Was in Finland and they had roasted avocados at a smörgåsbord.
Demaris 3 month s ago
Hey here's an idea, calm down with the American hatred.
Eben 3 month s ago
well at some point u just have to start hating idiotic people and i say no more and will now inject my daily dose of desinfectant 41
Robin 3 month s ago
lol most of these things europeans do it themselves germans put cream in carbonara every country in europe uses tea bags exept turkey(are they really european tho nah)the rest i seen it all in switzerland france netherlands spain ....europeans have the arrogance to always bash americans for stuff they do themselves
Eleazer 3 month s ago
Food snob! clapping
Al 3 month s ago
Amongst the reason for why non Americans hate Americans I believe culinary cultural appropriation is at the very bottom of that list. At the top... holding the world hostage, murder, invasion, economic/financial terrorism, extortion, coups and revolutions, the propping up of dictators the world over, false flagging and pooping the world into submission, instigation of genocide, funding for all wars on both sides, assassinations, poisonings, mind control, poisoning of the food supply, weaponization of medicine and every other aspect of society, the normalization and rampant pedophelia, the clandestine funding for Fascism and communism all over the world, spreading mind numbing materialism across the globe, dumbing down of children, the propagation of violence through media and gaming, the existence of our very parasitical hypocritical have and have not society etc to etc. As far as Americanizing food - ain’t nuttin wrong with that! 27
Veda 3 month s ago
Al,Why should one hate Americans, when all that is done by a parasitic "elite"?
Judy 3 month s ago

I’m not saying anyone “should” simply clarifying why for those who still don’t get it. Re: the parasitical elite, you’re not wrong. However the vast majority of American people both left and right have acquiesced and stayed silent. Indifference, passive participation, strategic silence = guilt! For the past twenty years truthers, conspiracy theorist and anti war folks have been harassed, censored and silenced using the most invasive and unspeakable methods. The secrets of the cabal are unspeakable, the American good ole boy networks (pseudo secret societies you see their gang signs when entering towns) know what is going in and have participated in the horror.
Veda 3 month s ago
Judy,Tell me about it..
In the past the news used to tell you that something happened,
then you had to decide what you thought about it.
Now the news tells you how to think about something
and you have to decide if it even happened!
And let´s not call them theorists, as if there aren´t any conspiracies,
but investigators.
Erick 3 month s ago
the fact that people can complain about something that ultimately turns to sh#t is really funny, and also makes me ashamed to be a human. retards.



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