Nordic People Distanced Way Before It Was Cool (11 pics)

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Imgur user LucasLux has recently shared a couple of photos of Nordic people social distancing a few years before this became the new normal

While some people are struggling to figure out how far away do they have to stand from each other, it turns out that Nordic people have been setting this trend for a long while now. Some of these photos shared by Imgur user LucasLux are five years old, so they were definitely social distancing before it was cool!


While the rest of the world is struggling to keep the 6 feet distance that’s recommended due to coronavirus pandemic

The appreciation for their own personal space is so enrooted within the Nordic community, they are even creating memes about being asked to maintain social distance now due to the health threats posed by the novel coronavirus. Apparently, being 6 feet away is too close for them.


Nordic people have practiced social distancing for generations

LucasLux explained it was a social norm not to stand close to people you don’t know.” We really dislike being harassed and stalked by chatty staff in stores too. It’s about relaxing one’s mind by not having others going uninvited into your bubble,” he said. “We like being left alone by people we don’t know”


And are having a good laugh at the social distancing recommendations pressed on them by world’s health officials

“When you get on the bus you simply take a free window place at a double seat if available, and if not you just take a free seat next to someone,” explained LucasLux and proceeded to point out it would be best to keep to yourself if it so happens you get to sit next to someone. “Leave the person alone, they might be thinking about something important,” he said.


Apparently, they cherish their personal space so much, it’s an absolute norm to keep a good distance while waiting for a bus

However, he said multicultural cities like Norwegian capital Oslo are not so harsh about keeping their distance and keep closer together. “With warmer weather, everyone in Scandinavia becomes more social and the distances shrink a bit,” he added.


Izismile Video Collection

If you wonder what happens when they all go into the same bus, LucasLux has an explanation

But it turns out, everything is not as simple as it may seem. Dena from Study In Sweden explained that standing too far from someone might not be the best idea as you would “project a sort of cold impression on others”. Yet, standing too close would make them uncomfortable. She said it isn’t uncommon in Sweden to even take a few spets back from someone you’re talking with if they’re getting too close.


Turns out, it’s considered to be rude in Scandinavia ad Finland to sit next to someone if there are completely empty double seats on the bus

“In my opinion, all of this boils down to respect – respecting the stranger you happen to be standing/sitting next to by not speaking to them,” she said.


LucasLux says it’s a cultural thing – they just have a deep appreciation for personal space

“There is almost no way of knowing what that person is up to, or if they want to be disturbed that way. Initiating a conversation like that can be considered aggressive, intrusive,” Dena explained.


“We really dislike being harassed and stalked by chatty staff in stores too”

“It’s about relaxing one’s mind by not having others going uninvited into your bubble,” he says

Talk about Nordic people setting the trends again!



Aggy 8 month s ago
Great! I thought I was a classic introvert, but learning now that I'm just Norwegian! ;-)
Fifi 8 month s ago
in other words, Norwegians are just not friendly people, no wonder the suicide rate is high there
Isaiah 8 month s ago
whites are generally rude and selfish.
Fenrisulven 8 month s ago
Most, or probably all of theses photos are from Finland.
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
Lemuel 8 month s ago
Is it Finland or Norway? I like to move there. It seems to be a great place. good



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