They Will Never Forget Those Awful School Projects… (6 pics + 16 gifs)

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Was in a video/film making class in high school. One group of guys did a parody of those Gatorade commercials where the athletes’ sweat is colored like Gatorade but it was a sweaty guy jerking off. Apparently there was a Gatorade cumshot but the teacher just turned that [email protected]#t off immediately before it got that far.


Presentation on WWII. Student had just discovered all the neat transitions you can use between slides and decided to use a different one each slide.

They used the flashing heart transition between a photo slide of a mass grave and a photo slide of Hitler.


Kid at my high school did his senior thesis speech on sex in anime.


In my high school “current events” class two freshman girls got a little lost in their research about ISIS. They somehow connected this terrorist group to the magic bullet theory used in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Me and the few other seniors were holding back laughter the entire presentation.


Grade 12 advanced placement English. We were assigned books then had to do a presentation on a topic somehow related to it. The book I was assigned was “the Stranger” by Camus, so I presented on existentialism in literature.

One girl was assigned Animal Farm. She started her presentation on…

Kinds of tractors used in farming.

She hadn’t read the book and assumed it was about actual animal husbandry.

It was a very long presentation. The teacher had to actually hide her face.


Izismile Video Collection

When I was in high school my church youth group went to this church camp. For those uninitiated Thursday nights are normally the really emotional nights. Well this camp was different! Thursday night the guy that started the camp comes on stage and begins giving a bunch of middle school and high school boys and girls the sex talk.

All I remember from that night was the quote, “Just because there’s a hole there doesn’t mean you have to stick something in it!”


Not a presentation but during our school assemblies we often had student performers, which were usually musically inclined individuals or theater kids doing a scene/monologue. one kid decided to do a standup comedy routine. about a girl giving him a blowjob. so awkward and the principal had to interrupt him.


In 4th year university, we had a year-long seminar course of 15ish students. Our big end of year project was to give a 3-hour lecture on one of the historical figures we’d studied.

One guy got up there and was so nervous he blasted through his content in less than an hour, without hardly taking a breath. Nobody could understand him, the prof didn’t step in to tell him to slow down, and he was sweating so profusely his shirt was soaked through.

I felt really bad for him, but oh god.


In Speech 101 in college, we had to pick a children’s book and voice act each character. That was it. That was the entire assignment.

Well… One student decided to take it to the next level. He chose a Berenstain Bear book and decided to not only do voice acting for every single one of the characters, but also act it out.

It was physically uncomfortable to watch this guy scramble around the room and pretend to be bears and other animals. It was not well done. It was awful.


This was in [email protected]#king college. Our bio finals were to present on any topic that was related to biology. A group was presenting on types of protection for sex. Not once did they refer to any body parts or fluids by their scientific names.

So, yes; they literally had “[email protected]#k,” “cum,” and “pu$$y” on slides and read off them. Everyone kept glancing over at our professor, who had this look like he was just constantly cleaning his glasses because he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.


Once in college I was in my Spanish class and our desks were in a “U” shape, I was on the very end of the “U”.

So some guy is giving a presentation, he is standing behind a podium. Gets a boner. I’m on the side and no one is opposite so I can see it…. dude just kept going on and on and on, I think he was trying to outlast the boner. He ended up getting it down before he had to sit down. Was like a 10 min presentation that only needed to be like 3 min though.


I was 16 and in high school. My high school was going to do a spring talent show. I wanted to be in the talent show and show off my talents. The problem was, my actual talents are not ones that I could show off at a talent show. So I decided to try singing.

I have never sung in my life. I have never had voice lessons.

I was in my prime weeb stage and chose an anime song to sing. I didn’t know any actual Japanese, I had just memorized the lyrics from hearing the song so many times.

Luckily I didn’t make it past auditions, but several people saw an overweight girl in a Sailor Moon shirt try to sing ‘Butterfly’ despite having never done any singing or voice training ever in her life.

Nearly 20 years later, and remembering it keeps me awake at night.


This was a Spanish class in college, and I think the assignment was something like “talk about your best friend” or some such, just kind of a softball assignment so you could practice using the vocabulary. And one classmate’s friend was evidently a friend with benefits.


For 8th-grade talent show, 2 girls sang the “Mr. Bledel” song (Mr. Bledel was a good looking, recently college graduated teacher) that basically was about how cute they thought he was. Even then, it was incredibly uncomfortable and I remember looking at the teacher’s face and he didn’t seem very amused.


Oh! You reminded me of high school French, sophomore year. We had to do show and tell. One girl brought her ultrasound photos and told us all about her “bébé.” She wasn’t showing yet, so it was quite the surprise. Our adorably sheltered teacher was too shocked to figure out how to stop the presentation.



When I was a ninth-grade student, we had to present the poems we made in English class. most people wrote about embracing their culture, loving their friends, etc. and then there was that one kid who recited a “lifestyle poem” which compared fat people to beached whales and said that people who don’t work out will die before they’re 20


I was a teacher’s aid at my son’s school, and I sat in on his class one day as a first-grader did show and tell. She held up a book and said, “This is my diarrhea!” Half the class looked confused, the rest looked intrigued. She continued to mix up “diary” with “diarrhea” for several more sentences as the teacher and I were silently crying with hysteria.

If just one kid had laughed, we would have jumped in, but everyone listened with respect and applauded at the end, so we moved on.


One time my friend had to go to his “[email protected]#t I don’t care about” folder to open a project in front of the whole class and teacher.


Sophomore year of high school we were tasked with bringing in an object from home and giving a presentation on how/why the object explains you as a person. Kid brought in a knife, not a big one, but a knife nonetheless. He actually gave a decent presentation…but ended getting expelled because of it later that day.


In sophomore year of high school, we had to do a presentation on a story/memory of ours and bring something in to show the class. A guy did it on his addiction to porn and played Christian rock for us. It was awkward.


This was my presentation, and it was about the science behind how mountain dew can dissolve a mouse. This was in 4th grade. Needless to say I got some parent complaints.




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They make a 1.5 liter mt dew?



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