Kids Ask The Best Sex-Ed Questions… (9 pics + 11 gifs)

13 May 2020


“A kid in my class asked what is the stuff that girls orgasm out if males is sperm. Teacher said that girls don’t ejaculate. The kid responded no they do I’ve seen it on the internet.”



“A nun taught us sex-ed. One of the lads asks her if “when you stick it in do you just hold it there or do you wiggle it or what?”. ‘she turned red and informed him it was an inappropriate question.”



“Hey Coach, how do you have sex? What’s the process?” (Obviously, they were messing with the guy.) The coach said, “uh, uh, um, uh, um… Uh. Well, uh, um. Ok, so you got a donut and a banana…”



“Once asked the question to a group of Year 9 students: “what do you do if you want to have sex and you can’t find a condom?” Student 1 (Male): Surely you can find something in your house?! Maybe cling film? Student 2 (Female): Yeah! Or maybe tinfoil!”



“The class was pretty raucous, so the teacher called out one of the more show-off boys to come to the front. She handed him the condom (in its wrapper) and put a phallus on the desk. She told him to put it on one-handed. He stupidly asked why only one hand. Completely straight-faced she said, “because your other hand is busy.”



“A girl in one of my sex-ed classes asked how many calories semen has.”



“When I was in the 8th grade this guy in my class asked if a male could get pregnant if he swallowed an egg.”



“Not a sex ed teacher, but a 7th grade classroom teacher. I had one boy ask me, “Mr. XXXX, you know boobs, right?” as he cupped his hands in front of his chest. I nodded. “I’m sorry, I know this is a bad word,” he said, “but I don’t know any other way to say it. Are boobs … full of cum?”



“Kid asked, “What if it gets stuck?”



“I am a peer educator on Sex-Ed and the most cringeworthy of the question for me was “Will I get pregnant if my bf pees inside my vagina?” Oh ffs.”



“Is a penis considered a bone?”



“I was explaining the functions of spontaneous erection to a group of 40 twelve-year-old boys. “As you develop, and even into your adulthood, you will sometimes develop an erection at times that seem inappropriate. Just know that it’s normal and while it can be embarrassing, it does not necessarily mean that you are sexually attracted to anything or anyone at that time”. Boy in the front row with his hand up: “I have an erection right now, is that normal?”



“When I did sex-ed in school back in the late 90’s the most awkward question I remember someone asking was why do condoms come in different flavours?”



“Way back in Grade 6 we had Sex-ed and the teacher had us write down questions on paper one day. She told us not to put our names because the next day we will be drawing the questions out of a hat to read aloud and then the teacher would answer them. So, the next day, and my turn comes up to draw a question. I pull the paper out of the hat and begin reading “Can women masturbate with a pillow between their legs? signed (a female classmate’s name)”. Whoops. Shouldn’t have read that part.”



“I asked the teacher how the sperm got into a woman, and if she had to drink it from a cup to get pregnant.”



“Does the vagina stay giant after a baby?”



“In my 8th-grade health class the female teacher was asked what does Butt sex feel like. She described it as taking a very large slightly uncomfortable dump. So now every time I have a dump that feel like that I just think of butt sex.”



“We had notecards and wrote questions anonymously. One asked- “If both partners have long pubes, will they get tangled? How do you untangle them?” And honestly, I never thought of that.”



“Had a classmate ask if he could use a WATER BALOON as a condom.”



“My daughter is a high school health teacher. When I told her there’s a Reddit question directed at her she gave me these: 1) “Why do I feel happy in my pants when I see a girl?” 2) “Is it true that a guy’s balls will explode if he doesn’t cum?”


Karon 9 month s ago
Pigeons die after sex.

Well at least this one did.

I will miss our quiet times......
Hortense 9 month s ago
This post must be from other countries, because they don't teach sex ed in the US, I have many teachers in my family, and every year they ask for sex ed to be taught and it's shot down every year. So it's hard to believe this post.
Cam 9 month s ago
Hortense, doesn't it depend on the state?
I'm from Germany, we have sex Ed at 4th, 6t and 10th grade, slightly depending on the state, getting a bit more explicit each time. I'm very thankful for it.
Yeona 9 month s ago

Yeah im my US state dont remember what grade, middle school I think we had sex ed.
Vicki 9 month s ago
#11 interestingly, Humans are the only primates that do not have a baculum, which is the penis bone.
Lorraine 9 month s ago

Except spider monkeys & tarsiers - which don't have a baulum either.
Lester 9 month s ago
<she always gives me a boner

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