Celebs Who Earned All The Love They Get From Their Fans (15 pics)

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Daniel Radcliffe shows his manners everywhere!

I served Daniel Radcliffe his dessert at an event, and tripped and spilled some of it on him, probably due to the fact that I realized that I was serving Daniel Radcliffe, and he stood up and started apologizing profusely to ME. He was very sweet and asking if I was ok.


Robin Williams turned out to be very attentive toward his fans.

My mom spotted Robin Williams once and she went up to him and asked if she could get a quick photo. She didn’t realize he was there in the middle or about to do something with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so she waited until they were done around 20-30 min later and then a bunch of the kids and people around also wanted photos with him — he made it a point to stick around and told his staff, “I think that woman wanted a photo,” and made sure she got it. Mom was thrilled.

He was such a humble nice dude.


Harry Styles loves dogs!

I was outside a restaurant in Hollywood trying to pick up my take out order, but couldn’t go in because I was with my puppy. Harry Styles saw my predicament, tapped me on the shoulder, and said he could watch Oscar while I went in. What a guy!


Kobe Bryant encouraged his fans to play basketball.

I met Kobe Bryant twice. Once when I was 11, I was with my dad at work (at a restaurant in Newport Beach) and he was there with some guys I can’t remember, he gave me his ball cap and signed it. Then again a couple years later at the Staples Center. He gave me his shoes and jersey. I was freaking over the moon. He was so nice and asked me questions about my basketball team and then handed me a game ball. I will never forget that.


Henry Cavill shows how friendly he is.

I met Henry Cavil while working at AT&T. Helped him unlock his phone while he was in town shooting Man of Steel. Real nice dude, got a picture with him, and he even let me meet his dog out in the car!


Izismile Video Collection

Jim Carrey is funny both in movies and in real life.

I met Jim Carrey when I was like 11 at a party my parents attended. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was behaving so normally and then, when he noticed me staring, he did a mask facial expression and started staring at me.

He’s a genuinely funny guy and probably has the purest heart.


David Adkins proves how much we need to get off of our phones.

My husband and I watched as Sinbad walked through a crowded airport gate unnoticed because everyone was on their phones and laptops. He was super nice and was like, “C’mon get this picture!!!” Once people noticed him, he disappeared.


Angelina Jolie shows her fervor for kids.

I was a teenager with cancer and super pissed off at the world. Angelina Jolie invited a group of us to her movie set and hung out with us for a little bit. My angsty self was a huge fan, and someone told her, so she sat me down for a talk, answered all my questions, and signed all my stuff. She was really kind and caring and a little shy.

Not many sick kids were able to get to the set, so she showed up at the hospital the next day with a bag of toys and sat on the floor to play with everyone. I had already gone home, but I heard she asked about me. Spending time with those kids seemed really important to her and she really went out of her way to do so.


Buzz Aldrin’s passion about space has no limits.

I was around Buzz Aldrin a bit for a couple of days at a conference. He was totally out of it (he’s battled depression and bad drinking issues, and has dementia and Alzheimer’s) and was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I told him I had written an essay about him and he was so excited to hear that.

Just overwhelmingly positive and happy, especially if you ask him about space. There was an instance where he was asked about NASA and proceeded to throw his leg on a table and pull up his pants leg to show off his NASA socks.


Tom Waits shows how supportive he is of beginners.

I was a teenager and playing music/busking with my friends outside a Whole Foods. Tom Waits, when walking in, stops and listens for a while. When he came back out after shopping, he gave each of us a $100 bill. He was super nice and wanted to support us for playing odd music, because we had an accordion and a washboard.



Ronnie DeVoe keeps being nice to his fans!

I picked up Ronnie DeVoe in my car as a Lyft driver and happened to be playing New Edition from my ITunes play list. I looked in the rearview mirror and noticed it was him, and he was smiling. Omg he was so nice!


Ciara made her fan’s birthday special!

Ran into Ciara at Morrow’s in New Orleans on my 25th birthday. Super random! But she was really nice.


Despite being busy, Future would never break his fan’s heart!

Met Future years ago at the PHL airport when I worked there (before he was really famous). Pointed him out and told him that I listen to his mixtapes, one of his entourage dismissed me. Before they left I asked him could I get a pic and he MADE the entourage guy who dismissed me take the picture of us!


James Arthur’s humbleness questioned his identity.

I was walking in Covent Garden on a trip with school. James Arthur casually walks by us eating a chicken salad sandwich. We obviously weren’t sure if it was him, so to check I shouted, “James Arthur!” He came over and got pics with us all and chatted and was so so nice and humble.


Once Sherlock — always Sherlock.

Met the extremely lovely Benedict Cumberbatch when he was filming Sherlock at my office. Later got told off by a member of the production crew for peeping at him topless (hahaha).


Credits:  brightside.me
Silence 2 month s ago
Jim Carey can eat a [email protected]#k for all the idiotic notions he puts out. He and Alyssa Milano should have kids.
Rox 2 month s ago

Why would you wish that upon the world? No, those people should not breed.

Can you imagine what Robbin Williams would have said about modern leftist madness. Him and George Carlin would have flipped their sh#t. Most convenient that they are not with us anymore, eh?

As for Kobe well let’s just say Google knew what was going to happen before it did. Wink wink
Link 2 month s ago
Rox,Don't know where you were but George Carlin was one of the leftist comedians ever. Very daring in his time.
Lucretia 2 month s ago

Awww you mad bro? Must be quite an existence being this mad at a comedian.


Modern leftist madness? People who don’t feel like using their brains too much demonize and sling mud rather than try and evolve, evidently.
Rox 2 month s ago

Quick to jump to assumptions eh Lucretia? The left eat their own. The left of today is the same as the Dubya era right. A weaponized mob of mental midgets. The dark secrets of the left are coming out and they are very very dark. If you don’t know you will, if you took part in the evil or even looked away because you didn’t want to know, I have no pity for you.
Cyphorus 2 month s ago

LOL what planet are you living on?! How can you throw so many people in the same basket?! Enough of this left vs right, black and white nonsense. Wake up and stop hating people you’ve never met. Maybe remove your tinfoil hat and and stop believing online propaganda. Can you understand these words or are you already triggered?! The so-called left and right have a common enemy (corporations) who need us to stay divided. Wake up and stop hating for your own sake...
Frankie 2 month s ago
green Fun Fact: Shaq f#€ked Kobe ! green



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