These Things Happen In Every Action Movie, And It’s Annoying! (2 pics + 18 gifs)

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So no one’s gonna talk about how in a 1 vs 5-6 fight scene all the attackers wait for their turn to get their ass kicked by the alpha guy one by one! And not attacking him altogether?


People climbing through ductwork to get in between rooms. Most ducts are not big enough for a person to fit in.


When there are 2 armies marching toward each other in formation, but as soon as the battle starts it all breaks up into thousands of 1 on 1 melee duels completely ignoring the importance of unit cohesion, discipline, training, and morale.


Whenever someone is working on a vehicle they are quite often using a pipe wrench or huge crescent wrench. Neither are going to get you too far working on a vehicle.


People taking their eyes off the road for like five seconds.

They always turn themselves completely around to talk to people in the back seat or beside them, as if they couldn’t hear each other otherwise.


Izismile Video Collection

Grip strength. People hanging off of anything, one-handed, for long times, holding on to other people, pulling themselves up. General population can’t do a pull-up.


People with long hair (often women) fighting with their hair down.


Any movie where the villain who is beating the [email protected]#t out of the hero decides to brag or monologue before killing them, which gives the hero enough time for a sneak attack or for somebody else to intervene.


Similarly, immediate hacking.


“I’m in!”


When people slice the palm of their hand open for a drop of blood. That [email protected]#t will take FOREVER to heal, just prick your finger, damn.


Blows to the head knocking someone out for exactly as long as is convenient for the plot with no long term consequences whatsoever. Even otherwise “realistic” shows and movies are guilty of this. In reality, and blow to the head strong enough to knock you out is likely to cause brain damage or even death.


Empty cups and cans and suitcases. For crying out loud, just put some water in that Starbucks cup, give our brains a little help ignoring the glaring ignorance to the laws of fluid dynamics, gravity, and the human musculoskeletal system.


[email protected]#kers who yank out their IVs, tugged on mine once and I [email protected]#king cried.


Silencers do not mute the gun. It only makes the sound more tolerable.


Bad guy receives a mortal wound like a point-blank gunshot to the torso or deep knife wound and just lays there bleeding profusely for a minute with the protagonist immediately forgetting about them, then is able to somehow stand up and have like an 8 round boxing match with the protagonist before finally being finished off.



Finding car keys “hidden” behind a car’s sun visor. I don’t know a single real human who has ever used this method when stashing keys.


In medieval/fantasy Whenever there is a siege weapon they fire one shot and then “CHARGE!” Like, “[email protected]#ch it took you a month to erect that trebuchet and you’re only going to fire it once?”

During the siege scene in “The King” they sat around for days and days hurling stones at the castle until the wall finally fell and I was like “Yes. Thank you.”


Gunshot to the leg and they can still walk. One to the lungs and they’re breathing fine. One in the heart and they either die instantly or spend a whole minute talking. It is 10 to 20 seconds, not 6 minutes.


Complete lack of legal consequences.

“I need to kill the time-traveling baddie by stealing this cop’s gun and knocking him out, yay I succeeded…what do you mean I am now under arrest for multiple felonies including murder and assaulting a police officer?”




Tibbie 11 month s ago
Any killed person has, at least, one box of matches with the last shop/pub/hotel visited
Margo 11 month s ago
This one is getting better, but there are still a lot of movies, even top labels, where guns seem to have unlimited ammo...
Melia 11 month s ago
Or people getting shot by a gun which blows them back 20 feet, that doesn't happen. Or in westerns, duels people didn't go out into the streets and duel each other, that's Hollywood.
Also in westerns shooting someones hand to drop their gun, a shot from a .45 long Colt round would completely destroy their hand.
Judith 11 month s ago
waking up, fully groomed and with impeckable make-up
Robin 11 month s ago
everytime they have the chance to kill the villain they have to talk to the villain first and tell him why hes wrong and what not ofc also conveniently give the villain enough time to escape or be rescued by hes partners....also ''the we are not like them thata why we dont kill them'' bullsh#t...makes movies awful to watch ...
Winnifred 11 month s ago
Robin, Especially when they later end up killing them.
Link 11 month s ago
I watched Gladiator with my (not terribly bright) girlfriend. At the forest battle scene, when Maximus said "Unleash Hell", she remarked that's a funny name for a dog.
Hessy 11 month s ago
Still having underwear on after what was supposedly long hefty sex.

#9 is real though; just use the command "login --security-override /nopassword" with whatever username you need to get the files and you're in. Works on all systems; it's a hardcoded back door.

The huge progress bar indicating how much of the mainframe you've downloaded to the puny memory stick though, that's fake as hell!
Evelyn 11 month s ago
#5 there are people who do this for real and I as the co-driver, always go in panic-mode when they turn to me to speak instead watching the traffic in front of them.

#8 That's why I love the scene in "Goldfinger" were Mr. Bond is about to get cut in half with the laser.
Goldfinger: ... .good night Mr. Bond * and walks away*
Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Goldfinger: No(!) Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!
Mae 11 month s ago
Actually, firearms with silencers can be very quiet, depends on cartridge and whole system though.
Madie 10 month s ago
What about in movies how college students with failing grades always graduate and live in fully furnished 3 bedroom apartments during their college days. Or when the hero and his pose go on their adventure for several days they never eat or go to the bathroom during said adventure.

Fast and furious movies tick me off the most. They never stop for gas and after causing multiple car crashes with multiple fatalities (and their car flips countless times while crashing) they are always able to walk away without broken limbs, laceration, cuts or bruises.
Kingsley 10 month s ago

only in the movies though, apparently..
Jo 10 month s ago
An add on to the fast and furious movies... the cars all seem to have 36 speed transmissions, because they upshift a dozen times even though they never slow down.



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