Guy Gets Kicked Out Of Costco For Not Wearing A Mask, Films It To Get Internet’s Support (23 pics + 1 video)

22 May 2020


Video of a Costco employee Tison dealing with a shopper who refused to wear a mask has gone viral

The shopper recorded this whole confrontation and here are the screenshots from it







Costco’s CEO announced in a statement about the mask policy on the company’s website: “We know some members may find [wearing face coverings] inconvenient or objectionable, but under the circumstances, we believe the added safety is worth any inconvenience. This is not simply a matter of personal choice; a face covering protects not just the wearer, but others too.”


Watch the video




The shopper soon uploaded another video where he explained his standpoint further



Meanwhile, experts have expressed their worry that the tension between customers and employees may get worse as stores across the country reopen and many have to adapt to a new set of shopping rules.

Larry Barton, a professor of crisis management and public safety at the University of Central Florida, told Business Insider that “In 30-plus years of studying retail and crisis situations, we have never seen a situation of customers being so rude to hourly employees.”

Larry has given a piece of advice for retailers to train employees on deescalating hostile persons these days.



Tison was over the moon from receiving so much support on Twitter


More people joined in to comment on the shopper’s questionable behavior

Doris 6 month s ago
Even the surgeon general said masks are not necessary. People who use Twitter are tools. People with any kind of respiratory condition should not be wearing masks. People are stupid sheep. I back the former Costco shopper. Tison was doing his job, but Costco should've made regional changes not national changes.
Kristy 6 month s ago

the surgeon general is a tool.
masks reduced the risk of infection by over 75%, just wear it and protect everybody including yourself. it take no effort and has little cost and bother, respect the damn society rule and don't listen to the awful far right trolls.
when government ask you to wear a helmet on a bike, or a seat belt while driving you do so because of your own security, not because you are a sheep..
Annette 6 month s ago

Both of your examples should also be voluntary. I have no problem with an adult making a choice not to wear a helmet when riding a bike or even a cycle. What happens is, literally, on his or her head. I don't need a nanny state telling me how or why to protect myself, so if on a cycle, I wear a helmet because it's smart to do, not because it's a law. If I was in a state that didn't require one, I'd still wear one, but I also wouldn't rat out someone not wearing one here, where it is required. I know leftists love Big Daddy Government attempting to micro-manage everything, but a lot of people don't need their hands held for every little thing.


So you are all for physically assaulting someone who doesn't satisfy your current belief system. I bet you consider yourself tolerant and open-minded, too. JC-LOL


Who's talking about Ebola? And no, masks and the idiot bandannas people are wearing aren't going to do much, if anything. They're not medical grade and/or respirators. They are there to maybe stop liquid droplets from splattering around, but that's about all they'll do. And good luck to those wearing the masks loosely, or under their noses, or who keep taking them off to talk before putting them back on. The masks that aren't medical grade are mostly there as a limited form of protection to keep the wearer from spreading their own germs. They don't block anything coming in. They are pretty much a placebo to make you think you're protecting yourself.
You have a better chance of protecting yourself going all out and getting a certified gas mask that you get fitted to your head. But no, go ahead and put some tissue paper in front of your face and convince yourself it's helping.
Clarence 6 month s ago
Here in the UK 99.9% of shops don't ask you to ware mask or any form of PPE.
Adolph 6 month s ago
this could be one of the reasons why there are over 36.000 corona deaths in uk. just keep going.
Eddie 6 month s ago
Yeah, but all other causes of death dropped to near zero...
Pres 6 month s ago
america is not a free country, all those people think their vote counts. the US constitution dictates the electors are the ones whose votes are counted. the people have never had a choice of president. the people dont even know who the electors are.
Pres 6 month s ago
Children who dont wear masks are scared. Look at me! I am special! Notice me! I am going keep doing selfish stufff until you treat me special. Go ahead treat them special, with pepper spray. Their selfish behavior should not be rewarded, it should earn them negative results.
Hosea 6 month s ago
No shirt, No shoes, No mask, No service. Why were the first 2 never a problem?
Patsy 6 month s ago
Just wear a [email protected]#king mask in busy places. People are so stupid. Wait till you get corona and then we will see who's a [email protected]#king sheep
Hipsie 6 month s ago
He walked into a store and was asked to wear a mask. It's no different to someone walking into your house, and you ask them to take their shoes off. If they don't respect the rules of your house, you kick them out.
Lineau 6 month s ago
One more time for all you sheep. Wearing a cloth mask to stop a virus is like putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes.. Patsy are you diabetic or overweight??? If so wear a mask. A novel idea, those that are at a high risk wear a mask. If your healthy and don’t have any underlying conditions you’ll be fine. What a nation of [email protected]#$ies we’ve become.
Miranda 6 month s ago

Ebola spreads differently mr microbiologist genius 35
Miranda 6 month s ago

The biggest [email protected]$$ies are the spoiled idiots that can't alter their life in the slightest for a small amount of time and whine like little babies about their 'freedumbs'
Marsha 6 month s ago
The small amount of time is long gone. its several months now and ongoing.
And i dont want to protect anyone, i dont give a flying [email protected]#k if you die to a sickness or anything else. I wouldnt blame anyone if i get sick, wearing masks or not. I think it really is against freedom to force people to take care for others. And the policies were not made by the stores but demanded by government. After all it has to be my own free decision if i want to wear breathtaking piece of cloth in my face or not. But i agree that you have to follow the store-policies.
Gert 6 month s ago
Lineau,happy to see you finally got your medical degree. Thanks for your opinion.

Rhyna 6 month s ago
If the stores in America have a mask policy, they should have a " government-approved, military-grade, optional mask" available before you enter the premise, to be purchased at the discretion of the customer. Whatever the Government issues our G.I. members, should be the universal mask for the benefit of the entire society, not a mask made out of granny's old fishnet stockings, that offer no proven protection whatsoever. Some of the masks allowed are just that- worthless homemade masks that do nothing to protect anyone.
Miranda 6 month s ago

Do they provide shoes and shirts to [email protected]$$ rednecks too? Just get a damn mask and wear it a few months and stop being a whiny baby
Lineau 6 month s ago
Miranda I’m sorry I was replying to Rhyna.
For goodness sake even spell check won’t let me write that name.
God love everyone Except the Racist Rhyna.
Take care and be safe!
Let’s continue this tomorrow!!!
Annette 6 month s ago

Someone's a racist because they point out that cheap masks don't do anything? What asinine nonsense from a mouth breather.
Delphi 6 month s ago
Sheep sheep sheep. Masks dont do sh#t. Look up what they wear to protect from ebola. That works, little piece of ppe or cotton does not work!!! WAke the f up sheep
Clarence 6 month s ago
I think you missed the point, The shop asked him to ware a mask and he failed to do so and as a result was asked to leave.

If a shop asks you sing while you shop then that is what you got to do, if you don't like it shop else where. But from what i hear in the US a lot of places require you ware a mask. Like I said earlier in the UK shops do not require you to ware a mask BUT i would say 30% still ware some sort of a mask (most worn wrong and not up to the task that end up on the car park floors)
Raymond 6 month s ago
a guy died in a car crash because of his N95 mask. He shouldve donated it to a hospital and used a cheap one instead. he would be alive today.
Annette 6 month s ago

I have to believe your comment is sarcastic, because it would hurt to believe someone could be so stupid. But then, I've seen people make really stupid comments totally seriously, so there's that....
Ronny 6 month s ago
The collective stupidity of people who subscribe to the philosophy of "I didn't get it" or "I had a mild strain" therefore it's all BS and conspiracy is astounding. People subscribing to theories from automated voices on a youtube video over scientists. Astounding.
Lineau 6 month s ago
Ronny your astounding.
Death rate is still lower than a bad flu season.(we didn’t shut down the economy)
The numbers are intentionally inflated and if you are not in a high risk category.
It’s not going to kill you.
Fake News.
45 year old man obese and diabetic dies. While a shame it wasn’t Corona that killed him.
87 year old with stage 4 cancer it wasn’t corona that killed him.
35 year old in a car wreck it wasn’t corona that killed him.
Some examples of Corona deaths that are being counted.
Freedom and liberty should mean something to you.
Let people get back to work.
Liberal heads to begin exploding in 3,2,1
Remember healthy debate is or was a good thing.
Love you......
Marsha 6 month s ago
Lineau, I would recommend you to check Dr.Mike on Youtube regarding that topic. He explains very transparent how the cause of death is determined by the doctors. I am pretty sure a car crash victim would not be counted but its the doctors deciosion after all what he determites as corona death and what not.
The diabetic and the cancer patients may very well count as corona deaths because if they had corona we just dont know if that was a factor in killing them. But its better to count them in as to count them out to be on the safe side.
And the actual Deathcount (333k on corona) is pretty much in between a seasonal Flu (290k-650k) but keep in mind that corona is still going on and the flu will come later this year and kill their amount as well.
Robert 6 month s ago
Wow....what a rebel..!!!! All this circus for not put a mask...just for the buzz, no more....
Sis 6 month s ago
And he talks about to do what he wants but is not OK that the manager does what he wanted?
Jacobus 6 month s ago
'Murica F* yeah 35

What a selfish idiot.

Land of the free? Maybe it once was..

Land of the entitled whining overreacting toddlers! That's what it's turned into. dash
Lidia 6 month s ago

And they are spreading their evil-bill-gates-the-government-controls-us-bullsh#t all over the world now. Thanks 4 nothing, murrica
Eddie 6 month s ago
Criminal lawsuits are well on the way, concerning the authors of this p(l)andemic.
Otha 6 month s ago
Here sheepy sheepy, read please and educate yourselves
Annette 6 month s ago
As always, it's the left who can't handle differing viewpoints without reacting with hate and vehemence. How dare anyone question what they are told, they screech angrily, believing themselves to be far more intelligent than those who don't automatically swallow what they are spoon-fed by organizations that can't even keep their stories straight.
Keep wearing your fake masks. When I wear a N95 mask, I have to strain a bit to take a deep breath, as I'm fighting the amount of air the mask is allowing in, because it filters stuff. If you are easily breathing through your little non-medical grade mask or sock or bandanna, and not feeling even air having a hard time coming through, just what do you think is even filtering anything? Your faith in the very "scientists" who couldn't even tell you how long this stuff lasts on surfaces, and had to change their conclusions? Good luck with that.
If it doesn't say "medical grade," you're fooling yourself. Some of the more brain-dead morons here can say that's "redneck" or "racist" (??) all they want, but, if you have two brain cells that still function moderately, ask yourself "hey, why are some even labeled medical grade and some aren't?" I know, thinking may hurt a little, but it's worth trying for once.
Stephen 6 month s ago
Enjoy your youtube conspiracy videos. The rest of us will stick to Scientists and Doctors.
Eddie 6 month s ago
Stephen, You know nothing Jon Snow ;)
At least about the scientific method, that´s obvious.
As in medicine - there´s nothing set in stone.
You act as if your gods already eradicated cancer and aids.
The third-leading cause of death in US most doctors don't want you to know about is Iatrogenesis. You can find that on cnbc.
Cathy 6 month s ago
Next thing you hear is a robber's threat: "Give me your money or I take the mask off!"

Arguing here is like arguing with a writing on some wall under a brindge or something... 35

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