Kids Do All Sorts Of S###ty Stuff, And They’re Not Even Ashamed (1 pic + 15 gifs)

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Back in 2008, Latarian Milton (pictured above) took his grandmother’s car for a joyride when he was 7-years-old. Why?

“I wanted to do it because it’s fun. It’s fun to do bad things.”

Despite being a kid, it sounds like he knew exactly what he was doing.

Below are stories of sh*tty things kids knowingly did.


“I threw a water balloon during a birthday party at my friend’s dad that I didn’t like. Made him spill his drink. I was like 5 or 6.”


“I had my head out of the window and my cousin rolled it up choking me until I was teary. I was livid but her mom didn’t punish or discipline her because “She’s just a kid”


“My older brother once shot an arrow at me. I was looking to the side, saw him release, I ducked and felt the wind from it go over my head.

If I hadn’t ducked, my brother would’ve had to explain to my parents why there was an arrow in the side of my head.”


“My parents had weird schedules so for school, my mum usually packed my lunch in the evening.

In the morning, my dad would give me lunch money. Not knowing that I already had lunch packed.

I continued that scam for a couple of months until I had enough money to buy a Wii. That’s when my parents noticed that they’d been tricked by a seven-year-old.”


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“I absolutely hated our assistant football coach. He was the quarterback’s dad and a complete a$$hole to me.

Every time something went wrong it was my fault, always making me run laps, picking on me for having a squeaky voice and being overweight.

The coach was wearing a white polo with khakis and I dumped a whole jug of red kool-aid on him. I smiled and shouted “Great season coach!”

The whole team went to dinner after that. Dude had to spend the rest of his evening in sticky pink clothes.”


“My grandfather was always grumpy and didn’t like kids.

So as he climbed the stairs, I’d pinch him on the butt with a pair of dad’s needle-nose pliers.

He’d yell, “Drag your ass on outta here, ya damn lil’ kid!”

My Mom would smile and say, “He’s just being cute.”


“When I was 4 years old, I remember going to the fridge for a snack at three in the morning.

I accidentally knocked an ENTIRE carton of eggs on the floor. I kind-of just…pushed the broken shells and egg gunk under the fridge with a paper towel.

I don’t remember any aftermath from the incident.”


“I would keep using the same baby tooth to get money from the tooth fairy.

Though it’s kinda on my parents for not noticing how many teeth I was losing and not taking the tooth when they left the money like the tooth fairy is supposed to do.”


“We were like 6 or 7. My sister smiled at me before running to mom crying saying I hit her.

I slapped her hard in front of my mum after that and said something like,

“If I’m getting grounded I’m at least actually hitting you first.”



“I became a black market candy shop owner at school, of course, my parents thought I didn’t know better, but I had a whole business plan.

Eventually, I made $400 bucks and my parents realized that I was becoming some sort of weird hustler that knew too much financially.”


“One time I found an open package of marbles that was half empty in Walmart.

On the way home my mom looked back at me playing with them and screamed,


In my sassiest 5-year-old voice I said “uhh.. the store??” And I got a big loud lecture about stealing.”


“The first two years of elementary school I had to take the public bus two times a week to get to my school.

My Mum gave me money for a ticket each morning. What she didn’t know, I never once bought a ticket and kept all the money.

I got caught twice but pretended I didn’t know how to buy one. They let me go because I was so young.”


“I used to wait until my mom showed up at the babysitters to pick us up to ask for snacks. She would never give them to me throughout the day but she wouldn’t say no when my mom was standing there.”


“I ate a giant chocolate egg my brother got from school, the second he went to get my mom to show her.”


“I zipped my sister in a suitcase and sent her down the stairs. Nothing happened and she was a bit traumatized but no physical injury on my part.”


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