When Someone Steals A Handicapped Parking Spot…

9 Jun 2020


First, just FYI, in most handicapped parking spots, there is a place next to the parking spot marked off for loading and unloading wheelchairs. In the US, it’s usually painted with diagonal stripes.


On to the story:

My son and I were at Walmart, and as I parked, I saw that a new BMW convertible owner decided that that striped spot was set aside for HIM. I looked, and there was no sign of a placard or handicapped tag.


Pissed me off, and I stewed about it the whole time we were shopping. When he was still parked there when I came out, I decided to get spiteful.

I found a piece of paper, and left a note on his windshield. It said:

SO SORRY – I did not mean to scrape your car with my wheelchair. I would leave my contact info, but you were illegally parked, blocking my van. So good luck buffing that out!


We sat in the car another 20 minutes and waited. Out came this guy that looked like a personal trainer. He came jogging up to his car, chatting on his phone. He saw the note, screamed “Oh, S"№IIIIIIIT!” Then he spent the next 20 minutes going over his car, inch by inch. Rubbing every speck of dust or dirt. He was still looking when we left.

Nothing harmed, no damage – just a lesson (hopefully) learned.

Georgia 3 month s ago
Ya, but you didn't change anything. So you're being selfish too. At least be brave enough to call the cops.
Edie 3 month s ago
Georgia, yeah, cause the cops don’t have anything better to do then to dispatch to someone that’s parked like an @$$.
Alverta 3 month s ago

to be fair it's not nearly as much fun beating someone with a nightstick if they are already in a wheelchair.
Lucas 2 month s ago
Pour a coffee down the vents in front of his windshield and leave the cup on his hood. Or maybe milk. Yeah milk if it is summer.

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