Looks Like The Story About Billionaires Starting Out Poor Is Not That True… (27 pics)

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Jon Erlichman posted how Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in his garage, suggesting that he was a self-made billionaire

However, Aidan Smith pointed out that Bezos’ parents invested more than 245k dollars into Amazon to help him out

Aidan then went on to explain how other famous billionaires had a lot of help because they had wealthy and powerful family members. Here’s what he said about Bill Gates

This is what Aidan said about Warren Buffett

Mark Zuckerberg might not be who he is today without the expensive tuition he received

Aidan then talked about the Waltons and the Kochs

Not to mention how Kylie Jenner is far from the self-made billionaire some claim her to be

The moral of the story is that people shouldn’t beat themselves up for being poor because a lot of very successful people had financial help and support


Aidan told us that he has a decent-sized following and is used to his posts going moderately viral. “But I’m pleasantly surprised by how much of an impact this tweet in particular had.”

According to him, believing that certain famous billionaires are self-made when they might not be is harmful for a variety of reasons. “For one, even in the rare cases in which people from working-class backgrounds amass exorbitant wealth, it’s still not ‘self-made’ given that amassing wealth on that scale will always have come from ruthless exploitation of others.”

While Bezos may have started Amazon in his parents’ garage when he was 30, people tend to focus on this part, not the fact that his parents invested 245,573 dollars in Amazon in 1995, nor that Bezos worked in Wall Street before committing to Amazon.

Bloomberg found that if Bezos’ parents kept all of their holdings in the company, their shares would have been worth around 30 billion dollars in 2018.

As of now, it’s unclear how much of the stock Jackie and Mike Bezos still own. They could secretly be among the world’s wealthiest 30 people (possibly even ahead of Elon Musk at the time).

Bezos and others might be successful, talented, dedicated, and not afraid to take risks (nobody is trying to diminish their accomplishments or effort) but they’re not entirely self-made.

Aidan’s thread definitely got the internet’s attention: it got more than 489k likes, nearly 150k retweets, and started a discussion.

Some people were surprised to learn some of the things that Aidan shared on Twitter. Others fully agreed with his message. Meanwhile, some Twitter users questioned why people are getting upset at people becoming successful, even if they did use their parents’ money. To which some internet users responded that fake underdog stories lead to poor people being told it’s their own fault for not becoming rich.


People had different opinions after reading Aidan’s posts. Some thought that success is success no matter what while others agreed with Aidan’s ideas

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Greta 6 month s ago
Thanks for the communist propaganda. Just what I needed this morning
Sal 6 month s ago

Accumulation of capital is not communism. It’s some other form of economic structure. Help me out here. Owning capital is called....?
Eleanor 6 month s ago
Sal, exactly.
ZombieDarwin 6 month s ago

Calling the mainstream media "right-wing" IS communist. Help me out here, how far to the left do you have to be to consider the mainstream media right-wing?

Hint: it's pretty far left, i.e. communist.
Evelyn 6 month s ago
Wait.... Bezos took a quarter million dollar loan and turned it in to Amazon and someone is concerned about not having a level playing field? LOL. 99.9999% of the boneheads complaining about that could have never accomplished what he did. I’m no fan of Bezos but I give the man credit for his accomplishments. Most people would have squandered that money. These whiners have no clue.
Nat 6 month s ago
It's provable that most people would not have squandered $250,000 from their parents. I don't mean in theory. I mean provable. The average American household barely has a total net worth of $100,000 including their home equity. So "most people" don't have $250,000 to loan for their kids to even try and squander. Which is of course the point of the post. Well off folks have a leg up over most people, and that advantage should be acknowledged rather than hidden.
Floyd 6 month s ago

i have great ideas and i am a genious. but unfortunately nobody gives me a quarter million to start. Are you willing to contribute, babe. I am open.
ZombieDarwin 6 month s ago

Since you misspelled "genius", I'm skeptical of your claim.
Floyd 6 month s ago
LeoHow many prom queens did Bazos f... more than you definitely. So why are you so happy, boi.
Floyd 6 month s ago
Every Bezos knows that nomatter his skills he would acomplish nothing without a rich mommy and daddy behind him. And this is so upseting for his infirority complex that he has to hide it. There are many rich people, but few wealthy. And those who you worms, admire, are not of them.
Leo 6 month s ago
The playing field is not even and some people have advantages in life. So what? Someone can still be successful starting with nothing and should not give up just because they don't have connections.
John Mason (Sean Connery/The Rock) said it best "Your "best! Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and [email protected]#k the prom queen."
John 6 month s ago
jeez .. so much hate about pieces of information. take it easy.
Cene 6 month s ago
John, You don't know what hate is, do you? You should stop using that word. You're devaluing it.
Obadiah 6 month s ago
...wealth begets wealth, (unless you're a retard), always has, always will.
Exie 6 month s ago
Good parents are key.
Jedidiah 6 month s ago
Now do Elon Musk. It takes more then just money to build a spaceship. It take very smart people.
Moses 6 month s ago
I will never be rich but if I can help my kid do something big who is to say I’m wrong. Maybe it does take a few generations to acquire wealth. What’s wrong with that? Who cares if he needed help. I’m sure his parents and there parents before him worked their @$$ off for his opportunity. Now he has set up his family for many many years. Good for him.
Rosalyn 6 month s ago
Right Wing mainstream media?? I'm from India and I know this is bullsh#t.....
Percy 6 month s ago
Twitter was invented for losers that think their opinion matters...notice how this Twitter Twat left out the Twitter CEO... 35
Eben 6 month s ago
remember kids: wealth is only the poverty of others.



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