Tiny Elephant Shrews Are Not A Lost Species Anymore! (15 PICS)

21 Aug 2020


The Somali elephant shrew has been rediscovered in Africa after being off the radar since 1968

This adorable little baby was found safe and sound in Djibouti, a country in the Horn of Africa, by a group of scientists.

The scientists had heard reports of mysterious sightings in Djibouti, so they decided to go there and see for themselves.



In total, the crew saw 12 Somali elephant shrews during their expedition

“We did not know which species occurred in Djibouti and when we saw the diagnostic feature of a little tufted tail, we looked at each other and we knew that it was something special,” Steven Heritage, a research scientist at the Duke University Lemur Center, told BBC.

In order to catch these Somali elephant shrews, researchers set up more than 1,000 traps at 12 locations. To lure these cuties in, they used a mixture of peanut butter, oatmeal, and yeast.



“We were really excited and elated when we opened the first trap that had an elephant shrew in it, a Somali sengi”

It’s worth mentioning that the people living in Djibouti never considered these sengis to be missing, though this rediscovery brings the Somali sengi back into the scientific community.

“This is a welcome and wonderful rediscovery during a time of turmoil for our planet, and one that fills us with renewed hope for the remaining small mammal species on our most-wanted list, such as the DeWinton’s golden mole, a relative of the sengi, and the Ilin Island cloud runner,” Steven Heritage told BBC.



“Finding that the Somali sengi exists in the wild is the first step in conservation. Now that we know it survives, scientists and conservationists will be able to ensure it never disappears again,” Kelsey Neam of Global Wildlife Conservation told BBC.



This animal is so small that it could fit in the palm of your hand!

On the whole, there are 20 species of elephant shrews in the world, and the Somali sengi is one of the most mysterious ones.

As you can probably tell, this animal looks pretty weird. Super adorable and weird. At first sight, it looks kind of like a mouse. But there’s also this tiny trunk-like nose that resembles an elephant’s. Apparently, some of the Somali sengi’s closest living relatives are the aardvark, elephant, and manatee.



“They are not well-known animals, but when you see them, it’s impossible not to adore them”


Here’s what people are saying about this rediscovery



Joseph 3 month s ago
I like shrews > lemmings 35
Vivian 3 month s ago
Lost since 1968? How the Hell did natgeo and planet earth get footage of this animal for their documentaries then?
Ced 3 month s ago
Vivian, Speaking for us old timers, believe it or not, we actually had cameras and film back then. So, there was stock photos and film of them to use!!!


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