There Were So Many Good Things About Being A Kid… (20 GIFS)

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“Those two month long summer vacations where you get to do whatever you want, guilt free, no responsibilities, to the point where you don’t even know what day it is anymore.”




“The sheer excitement we got out of mundane things. When I was younger I remember getting pumped about the fact that mom was going to make some homemade play-doh so I had a new awesome toy that day. Or going on a road trip in the summer cause that meant we got to have Mcdonalds.”




“Running out the door with nothing. No wallet, cellphone, keys or plan. I think Bill Burr had a bit about this in one of his stand up specials.”




“Christmas mornings. Even though I knew “santa” was my dad, the feeling from seeing a huge present in the morning is unforgettable.”




“I miss the summer holidays where it was possible to go on a new “adventure” everyday. There were no bills, big decisions, or work to deal with.”




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“The value and allure of money. $5 back then made me feel like Bill Gates. $5 now is just lunch.”




“Making friends. As a kid, you could just go to someone and ask: “Do you want to be my friend?” I still have that one true friend since age 5.”




“Drifting from one day to the next without having to make big decisions. I’m only in my 20s now but finding myself having to make those ‘life-changing’ decisions far too often.”




“Not being able to sleep on Christmas eve, so you sort of toss and turn until like 5am, when you go and wake up your siblings and sneak downstairs to see all the presents there. and you JUST missed Santa.”




“I’m 22 with a full-time job, and can buy video games whenever I want to. I miss how significant new games felt when I got one every two months by laboriously saving pocket money.”





“I really miss how summer used to feel like an eternity.”




“Jumping on my bike, grabbing a few friends and spending the entire day exploring. No plans, just go from place to place until we’re hungry or tired, then go home. Next day, repeat.”




“I could eat everything and anything and remain skinny. Now I gotta workout on the regular just to remain un-fat.”




“My vivid imagination. I lost it somehow.”




“Not caring about how I looked. Just wearing clothes because I liked them. When you were young no one scrutinized your looks as heavily as you do when you get older.”





“Waking up on Saturday to some awesome cartoons!”




“The texture of life. Everything had a feeling attached to it, a distinct emotion: the trees, the sunshine, a football, or a piece of grass. Morning felt like morning, night felt like night, etc. Everything just feels the same to me now, like a dull piece of polished wood.”




“Pretending to be sleeping, so your parents had to carry you.”




“Having like 50 friends that always wanted to hangout. Now everyone just wants to get high or drunk (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not for me) all the time. I just want to have friends who want to play ocarina of time all night again. Damn.”




“Being able to push someone into a pool or a lake without worrying about the cellphone in their pocket.”









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