Lonzo 11 month s ago
This again clapping just shut up and celebrate 41
Rob 11 month s ago
In Germany October 31st is called "Reformationstag".
Frances 11 month s ago

Nah. Everybody says "Halloveen".

Kids go from door to door for candy as everywhere else and not for nailing theseses.

For Americans: 503 years ago some random guy called "Luther" nailed a chit to a church door and therefore nowadays we do not have to work on Halloween. girl_witch
James 11 month s ago
I got these!

-Candy corn tastes like wax with sugar in it.

-We've gone overboard with Halloween for many reasons, including that it's awesome goofy fun; but mostly because it's been commercialized successfully for generations.

-After Halloween, carved pumpkins (or Jack-o'-Lanterns) are left to collapse in decay until some kids smash them in the street.

-You hand out candy at the door. If you leave the bowl out for self-serve, most will take 1 or 2 pieces, but that kid who grabs the entire bowl is just around the corner.

-We celebrate Halloween because it's the one holiday without obligations (family dinners, travel, gifts, stress). Everyone including kids and adults can dress-up in costumes, over-indulge, and be weird without repercussions. Plus nobody cares if you don't want to participate - it's the best of both worlds!
Frances 11 month s ago

Your last point is convincing. Full Halloween for me from now on. 27 27 27 27
Jacobus 11 month s ago
Americans have no clue what they celebrate or what the origin is.
But they do know how to enjoy themselves.
Roxanna 11 month s ago

Troof! Some make it an every day holiday!
Si 11 month s ago
Carving pumpkins and eating pumpkins are completely different kinds of squash.

Halloween used to be a lot more free but people have lost their sense of humor, satire is not allowed. "Here is your stupid stereotype done to 11," has become, "cultural appropriation, insensitive, and racist". I just hope my kid can continue to be a dinosaur.
Gerry 11 month s ago
#24 Noah Webster, American lexicographer and co-namesake of the Merriam-Webster dictionaries wanted to improve American English by attempting to rectify some of the inconsistencies he observed in English spelling. This included removing 'u' in many words and even removing words from the Merriam-Webster dictionary (autumn for instance) and replacing it with the older English word/concept of Fall from 'fall of leaf'.
Viney 11 month s ago
Stupid post. There are things done in other countries which make no F**kin' sense at all. Female circumsicion, dumping bodies and garbage in the Ganges river then using that water to provide drinking water to millions of people. Adopting communism, Guy Fawkes day (celebrating his capture and death). A catholic parade honoring Pablo escobar as a saint. Dancing with rotting corpses in Madagascar during Famadihana. Dog eating festivals in China. Halloween and candy is nothing compared to those other backwards customs.
Carmellia 11 month s ago
I cook the seeds from my pumpkin, but I don't eat the pumpkin, because it's been sitting on the porch for a couple weeks.

That tradition comes from Ireland, btw, but there it was a rutabaga.

Candy corn sucks. It's just shaped, colored, grainy sugar flavor.

In some places, people create traditions like rolling the old pumpkin down a certain hill. Near my house, the kids roll pumpkins down the same steep street that local highschool students paint their graduating class graffiti on.

Some people do just leave an empty bowl on the porch, and for the most part, the rules get followed. That said, if I did that, I wouldn't care how it worked.

The other part of halloween that isn't mentioned is that for adults and really small kids, it's fun to be home to hand out candy, and to see the people in your neighborhood.

Also, people might come from out of the area to your neighborhood, because they don't live in a place that has a lot of money, or they live mostly around apartments and condos. That's always fun.

I spent a lot of time in Germany, and I would say it's a bit like Rosen Montag in that people dress up and kids demand candy.

I live in a fairly affluent area, so there are some houses where dads go crazy and really do have a contest. There are homes that actually put up a large display that performs at publicized times.
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