Working In Isolated Places Is Not As Fun As It Sounds… (14 GIFS)

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"I used to work in the Gulf of Mexico on oil rigs for years, and it may not exactly be creepy, but I found it really unsettling.

In deep, open water, the water itself is really clear, so everyone can plainly see all the tuna and barracudas hanging around the rig waiting for the onboard cook to throw off whatever food waste he needs to. Every once in a while a huge great white shark would swim up from underneath and snatch a tuna and it really took like less than a second. They’re really scary."




"I was on a boat sitting on anchor in a secluded bay in the early hours, in southeast Alaska a few years ago. I stepped outside for a smoke and all of a sudden I heard the most horrific sounds of a wild animal being murdered by another wild Animal. It went on for probably 10 minutes, I know it’s just nature but man, I can still hear that sound in my brain and it haunts me."




"I was on guard duty at Camp Phoenix on the outskirts of Kabul in 2011. its a 12 hour shift and it started at 7pm. around 2am, I could hear what sounded like foot steps, running all around the guard tower, promptly set my @$$ hairs on end so I pull out my night vision and pray that its some kids or something.

I [email protected]#t you not… there must have been 2 or 3 pairs of dogs humping each other at the same time…."




"I was a field geologist in the Outback about 12 hours north of Adelaide. One day I was driving the truck and saw what looked like a flagpole sticking up in the middle of nowhere. I wasn’t anywhere near a farm or anywhere else that people would be, so I decided to drive over and check it out. It was a dead dog fully impaled on a spike. Like, from butt to mouth. Took some pictures and had my boss call the cops, but for the rest of the assignment I was freaked out that some maniac was out there with me."




"Merchant seaman here. Nothing particularly creepy; most of the time you’re too focused on not hitting anything, getting position fixes, updating logbooks, etc. to really think about paranormal or spoopy [email protected]#t.

But the closest thing to “creepy” I’ve experienced recently has been a strange transmission over the radio. It started with a series of morse code beeps followed by an accented female voice listing off random letters and numbers. Dunno what the [email protected]#k that was about."




Izismile Videos

"I used to be a delivery driver, which doesn’t sound very remote because it isn’t. However, I did have to deliver to some pretty remote places. One time I delivered to a trailer park just barely inside our designated “delivery zone” and it was very dark and poorly lit.

I leave my car running and keep the headlights and inside lights on to go deliver the pizza. Upon returning to my car, I sit down in the drivers seat and look up to see a creepy old man standing less than 3 feet from my side of the car. He was just staring. It was the equivalent of a jump-scare.

I just started driving forward, had to do a u-turn to get out of the park. When I turned around the man was standing in the middle of the road, so I freaked out for a second before speeding around him only to watch him attempt to chase my car out of the trailer park. I put in my two weeks after that."




"I’m not sure if this counts because it’s a farm but when you live on a farm you work on a farm so I guess I’ll tell it.

I grew up on a farm and in high school used to mess with my friends by hiding and making them find me. One night my friend was over and we were waiting on this other guy. We see him pull up so we take off running to hide. It’s funny because they have to wander around somewhere they’re unfamiliar with or go ask my parents and be told too bad you’ll have to find her. It’s like forced hide and seek.

Anyway this one night I saw my friend hide in one building while I ran for the trees. I was hiding under some bushes and heard breathing. Like human breathing. There were no animals around. It creeped me out so bad I ran out of hiding to greet my friend. I felt so uncomfortable for the rest of the night.

Some time during the night my dad heard something and went out to investigate. In the morning he discovered that one of our cows was killed and butchered."




"A two headed snake in a Congolese forest"




"Working late at night on a remote mine site, changing out a switch in a substation on the edge of the pit. Just me and a quiet room full of gently humming transformers. I finish up and head for the door and I see three pairs of red eye staring through the window. Nothing else visible, just blackness and three sets of red eyes.

Turns out goats’ eyes reflect red at night, and they like staring in windows."




"I know a forest ranger who regularly stays at these remote cabin / fire tower outposts. She’ll wake up in the morning and look out the window to soak in the landscape only to see influencers posing for photos."





"I spent several seasons working at a remote field camp in Antarctica…over 1000 km from the main station in McMurdo. Every once in a while, a Skua bird or Antarctic Tern would accidentally end up following one of the small planes (Twin Otter) out to our camp. Once there though, they’d basically be stranded with no way to get back to the coast. I’d get out of my tent some mornings and see a lonely Tern circling overhead, knowing it was a dead bird flying. It was quite creepy.

Along these lines, when birds (or seals) do die down there, it’s so cold and dry, that their bodies don’t decay either. They essentially mummify. Outside McMurdo at Scott’s Discovery Hut, there is still a perfectly preserved seal carcass from 1912 sitting by the entrance of the hut."




"I’m a machinist and I was working by myself in this old warehouse at night. I would see stuff moving around and I would get creeper out. This is when ghost hunters became popular. So I started to ask questions, what’s your name ” can you show me that I’m not alone”.

Seconds later a 3/8 Allen wrench came bouncing across the shop and landed at my feet. It didn’t fall of the machine it slid. I was cutting micarta which is like wood, and you could see the slid marks in the chips. I said thank you to the ghost, shut down and left. I never went back."




"I’ve been locked inside a vast Gothic cathedral at night, alone inside the structure practicing the pipe organ for a forthcoming recital.

During thunder & lightning storms as I sat up high in the gallery at the console:

Intense lightning flashes would cause the saints and other departed souls depicted in the stained glass windows to light up with such dramatic energy that it seemed as though they were about to step right out of the window and start roaming the cathedral nave.

Even their stained glass jeweled eyes glowed with a “fiery spirit” of reality – as if they had resurrected at that very moment."





Rose 2 year s ago
#5 probably a numbers station
Jed 2 year s ago
Rose, Russian 'trawler' aka information gathering ship accompanying long range sub transmitting code back to Russian Federation.
Bob 2 year s ago
Not the same but when you’re on HF radio for too long there’s some really weird noises on that




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