Rella 6 month s ago
#5 ah yes, made with stress and hate JC-LOL I, too, cook everything that way!
Vallie 6 month s ago
#6 Butter? Not even close.
Jake 6 month s ago
#3 I work in the music industry in the UK (Studio Engineer Abby Rd etc) and can confirm this is 100% correct!
Johannah 6 month s ago
High cost is never a guarantee for quality.
Winton 6 month s ago
i wear latex gloves all the time, what i do different is i use them on one thing, like chicken, if i have to handle chicken i use them and take them off after i'm done and throw them away and will put another pair on if i have to handle something else and then throw them away after.

i'll go through 3 or 4 pairs when i'm cooking, it also helps if you have OCD like me

"Mobile Homes are cheaply made and mass produced by people making 9 bucks an hour and don't give a cr#p if it's up to code or safe. Hundreds of people in a factory with little supervision, and the main goal is to get as many made as possible, with little care to protocol, codes and fire stopping. I got hired as a HUD admin, ended up doing inspections so we could stop getting fined by the fire marshal and the amount of cr#p that is overlooked and not cared about is infuriating."



"Almost every register nurse has what is called a blacklist of doctors she or he would not want even remotely near them should they need emergency services.

People need to take better care and precaution of who they choose to accept as their doctor."



"If you’re rude to a Starbucks barista most of the time we’ll just decaffeinate your drink."



"I work in a vet ER. If you check the resuscitate box on our form we will absolutely do our best to resuscitate your pet.

And I mean at least 15 mins chest compressions, intubating and manual breathing, heat support and reviving drugs. It's an all hands on deck situation and we take it extremely seriously.

That being said, I have never seen it do more than have a pet have a heartbeat and automatic breathing long enough for an owner to say goodbye. I have never seen an animal recover.

Basically you shouldn't check that resuscitate box. It doesn't do anything but let us fight for your pet's life and lose.

I'm a DNR myself. I don't want to go through that and I don't want the ER staff to go through another unsuccessful attempt."


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