Eustacia 7 month s ago
"My daughter has a picture of her mother and I on our honeymoon. Been "hidden" under her bed for a long time. We've been divorced over 4 years now. She still keeps that picture under her pillow every night. It's still there actually. I don't have the heart to take it from her. Too bad her mother is a cold hearted blood sucking two faced wh#re. Tough to see every time it I change the sheets."

The saddest thing I will read today. My heart goes out to this girl.
Herman 7 month s ago
The fact that she feels like she has to hide it. :(
Demaris 7 month s ago
I belong to a trade union in the states. I met her when she was 6 months pregnant, and the biological father told her that he and his wife (she was living with them) were going to take the baby from her and force her to pay child support because she was now a working mom to be- and she believed it.
I enter the picture, and after hearing this story, decided to "help her out" by letting her stay with me to get away from the couple, who were shady AF in my opinion. (she was barely a teenager, the couple was in their 70's) .

Fast forward 10 years, her daughter has been raised by us, and only knows me as her father, only I didn't adopt her. The mother insists we marry so I can adopt the child, only as soon as we are married, she decides to have me "ex parted" from the home under a restraining order, and while I am unable to have access to the home I BOUGHT OUTRIGHT, she files for divorce, claims the mortgage payments were only paid by her and wants all of the contents too. If I ever want to see my daughter again, I should not fight it in court, because I didn't adopt: I have any parental rights.

I conceded to it all just to be able to have visitation with my daughter. Material objects mean nothing to me, my daughter is my world. The EX? She is with a guy (married) who is in his late 70's....
I swear she is satans sister, I have never met anyone more evil.
Irv 7 month s ago
Demaris, hello 9-1-1? I'd like to call BS on this story
Delbert 7 month s ago

Agree on BS for the story. It makes no sense. Even if the start were true, any reasonable divorce attorney could fix it in a few days. Restraining orders aren't given out just on someone's say so. You can't be kicked out of your house. The other person does not get to make the rules and order you to obey.

"My two year old attempts to hide the family dog (who is 75 pounds) in various places in his room so that the dog can sleep in there with him. So far, I've found the dog in the closet, behind the curtains, surrounded by stuffed animals to "blend in," and on numerous occasions I've walked in the room to see a giant mound under the comforter at the foot of the bed. My son is astonished every single time that I have not only found the dog, but was even looking for him in the first place. On more than one occasion he even attempted to persuade me that he didn't even know we had a dog."



"I found a loaded one-shot Nerf gun under my 5-year-old daughter's pillow. When I asked her what she was doing with it, she whispered, 'It's for the tooth fairy"


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