Casino players are often inspired by the top wins in casinos, whether they occur in Canada, Vegas, or Singapore. However, those stories on the biggest jackpots may not be the most interesting casino wins in history. Therefore, Sol Casino brings a few real-life tales, five to be precise, that are rather fun to hear about.

The 5 Best and Most Interesting Casino Win Stories


Winning a jackpot can change lives, but sometimes it is more interesting to know how some casino wins occurred rather than what people do afterwards. Therefore, this listing mentions the 5 most interesting casino wins that occurred worldwide. Considering the number of casinos in Canada, many similar stories occurred and continue to occur in the Canadian territory.

       1)   In Your Dreams


Dreams can echo what is constantly present in the minds of anyone, including gamblers. Therefore, it is not rare to dream about winning the jackpot. Whether a prediction or not, Goksel Selay, from England, is a taxi driver who dreamt about being awarded a jackpot only a few days before it happened.

He decided to go play at the Genting Club Westcliff and take a seat for a blackjack game. Although far from the biggest jackpots in the world, his prize was a considerable amount of 89,850 pounds. Since then, he always takes the chance to mention how he dreamt about winning a jackpot with his wife as a testimony.

       2)   Rich Grandma


The next interesting jackpot story features an old lady and grandmother from New Jersey, who never revealed how much she won. That woman managed to roll a pair of dice a total of 154 times playing craps. The odds of that? Only 1 in 1.56 trillion. Specialists speculate that her ultra luck gave her hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night.

       3)   Interesting Online Casino Win


Not only land-based casinos generate interesting stories on big wins. Online casinos like Sol Casino have their own stories, even derived from bonuses. This particular story of a player from Merseyside tells how she won 1,200 pounds from 5 free spins without deposit.

The game of choice was Neon Staxx, and all she needed was to register an account. Of course, she used some cash earnings from those free spins to reach the small jackpot of 1,200 pounds.

       4)   Express Jackpot Delivery


Legend says that Frederick W. Smith, founder of FedEx, had only $5,000 in his pocket in 1973 - definitely not enough to keep the company running. Instead of seeking investors, it seems the CEO headed to Vegas to try his luck. By playing blackjack, he multiplied that money by 5 and left with $27,000 - enough to pay the fuel bill.

       5)   Someone Else’s Luck


Jan Flato's story probably repeats itself now and then, as it is common to ask for people to "share their luck" by allowing them to play once. He did it with his girlfriend, Marina Navarro, at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. They were playing slots, and she had the opportunity to push the button, which resulted in an impressive jackpot of $100,000.

Unfortunately for him, the casino had to pay her because she was the one to press the button - it seems that owning the coin will give you no right to the prize. Therefore, it is okay to let others spin, as long as it is certain that they will give out all the money.

Important Lessons


Next time a casino player dreams about winning a big prize, better open an online casino and try luck before it vanishes. It can be that person’s big chance. Also, taking grandma with them and leaving her at the craps table might be a good idea. Simply do not let her push the spin button of a slot machine unless prepared to accept her to take everything home.

Casinos are great places to have fun and entertainment, and there must be many stories out there yet to be told. For those not willing to drive all the way to them, online casinos are always a great option – players can find bonuses and free spins there.

Top 5 Most Interesting Casino Wins from Sol Casino Canada