It seems that MrHempFlower’s CBG gummies are everywhere these days, and many people have found them to be helpful. They give the relaxing and therapeutic effects of Cannabis without the psychotropic "high." As such, they are a great choice for after-work relaxation. For those suffering from certain health problems, they can also be quite helpful, but there is one little issue: They can be kind of expensive! This isn't a problem for the occasional user, but regular buyers of CBD gummies should consider the possibility of making their own product from scratch. In this article, we will teach you to do just that.

Things You Will Need:

You will need to gather the following items before you can get started:

    •    Candy molds (bear-shaped ones are the most common)

    •    3 ounces of flavored gelatin (your choice)

    •    1 and 1/4 ounces of unflavored gelatin

    •    1/3 cup of cold water

    •    Citric acid (optional)

    •    Non-stick cooking spray

    •    Some CBD oil

    •    Dropper (optional)

As you can see, the requirements are not very heavy. Gummies mainly consist of gelatin, so the rest of this stuff is extraneous. As you will see in a moment, the process of making gummies is also quite simple.

Phase 1: The Prep

Start by setting all your ingredients on the counter. That way, they will be ready to go at any time. Take your candy molds and start greasing them up with the cooking spray. Alternatively, you can use butter or vegetable oil rather than cooking spray. The whole point of this is to help the candy separate from the molds more easily, so it's pretty important.

Next, you will need to prepare the gelatin itself. Take the flavored and unflavored gelatins and mix them together. We would recommend a glass measuring cup or something else that is made of Pyrex (heat-resistant glass). Add 1/3 cup of water and stir gently. This will be a thick mixture, and some parts of it will seem to be undissolved, so resist the temptation to stir briskly. It won't do much good, so bear in mind that this is only a pre-mix. Now, set that gelatin mix aside so that it can fully absorb the water and dissolve. Only when all parts are dissolved can the ingredients mix fully.

Phase 2: The Pre-Cook

As we told you, the mixing of the flavored and unflavored gelatins was only a pre-mix. A little bit of heat is required to achieve true unification of the ingredients. This is because of a little something called solubility, and it is an important principle of chemistry.

Many substances dissolve better in hot water than they do in cold water. Organic nitrates are often good examples of this, as are sugar and gelatin. As those last two are our main ingredients, you can see how a little bit of heat will make for a much more homogenous mixture. It works by breaking some of the chemical bonds that hold the sugar/gelatin together, allowing new bonds to be formed and creating a new substance at the same time.

So, all you have to do is take your gelatin mix and put it in the microwave. However, you have to be careful that you don't go overboard and cook the stuff. That will ruin your whole recipe, so just put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. After that, take it out and stir the mixture as it cools. Once it has returned to room temperature (or thereabouts), repeat the process again. Another 30 seconds and a little more stirring should finish the job.

Phase 3: Additions And Pouring

This is the part where you can add the CBD, as well as a few little touches to make your gummies unique. You obviously want to add your CBD first, as that is the main active ingredient. Most people choose to use CBD oil, as it is the most digestible form. You could also use a tincture, but that would probably create an alcoholic gummy (which is probably not what you want).

How much CBD should you add? Well, that will require a little bit of math. First, you need to figure out the dosage that you want each gummy to contain. If you are a regular CBD user, you have probably worked this problem out already. If you already know what level of dosage you prefer, you can move on to the next paragraph. If not, we would recommend a dosage range between 5 mg and 1500 mg. Anything below 5 mg is unlikely to be effective, and anything over 1500 could cause stomach upset.

Now, multiply that per-gummy dosage by the number of gummies you plan to make. Obviously, this will be determined by the number of gummies that your molds can hold. For example, let's say you are using a dose of 1000 mg, and you want to make 30 gummies. 1000 multiplied by 30 equals 30,000 mg that you would add to the entire batch. You can also add some citric acid to create a nice "sour" taste (if you like that sort of thing). Once the additives have been thoroughly mixed, all you have to do is pour the mixture into your molds and set them in the refrigerator. After about 20-30 minutes, they should be ready to remove and eat.


Some people find that this process is too much trouble and that they would rather just buy their CBD gummies. Still, a lot of people also enjoy the process of making their own gummies, and you can use this same process to make non-CBD gummies if you so desire. Regardless of how you use this information, we hope that it has been helpful to you. Please come back again for more useful knowledge like this!

How To Make Your Own CBG Gummies